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Np, because most of your coolant is contained in the engine block. So when you drain your coolant from your radiator, most of the coolant will *remain* in the block.

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Q: Why would you only get 2 quarts of antifreeze out of your radiator when there is supposed to be 11 quarts of fluid in the system?
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How many quarts of antifreeze go in radiator for s10?

The radiator only, aprox three quarts. The cooling system (radiator, engine, heater and hoses), aprox ten quarts. It depends on the engine size.

How many quarts of antifreeze go into radiator 2001 impala?

The radiator itself will probably hold about 4 qts. The whole system will hold aprox 12 to 14 qts.

How many quarts of anti-freeze go in a 2002 Chevy s10 blazer?

If the entire system including the block, heater, radiator and all hoses were empty, it would take between 12 and 13 quarts to fill the system. So if you use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water you would need 6 to 6 1/2 quarts of antifreeze.

Is antifreeze the same thing as radiator fluid?

antifreeze is usually mixed 50 / 50 with preferably distilled water for your cooling system ( up to 60 % antifreeze if colder climate ) which includes the radiator , heater core , radiator hoses , heater hoses etc.

What is the water capacity for a radiator for Volkswagen passat?

For the radiator only, 2 to 3 quarts. For the complete cooling system, 8 to 9 quarts.

What is the radiator capacity of a 1992 Camry?

The radiator alone, aprox 2 to 3 quarts. The complete cooling system, aprox 10 to 11 quarts.

How much antifreeze does a 1999 ford escort use?

According to the 1999 Ford Escort owners manual : The cooling system capacity with a manual transmission is 5.3 quarts / 5.0 liters The cooling system capacity with an automatic transmission is 6.3 quarts / 6.0 liters So , with a 50 / 50 mix of antifreeze and preferably distilled water : The cooling system with a manual transmission takes 2.65 quarts / 2.50 liters of antifreeze The cooling system with an automatic transmission takes 3.15 quarts / 3.0 liters of antifreeze T

You removed the petcock from your radiator but it wont drain?

remove bottom radiator hose to drain system. flush system a few time before adding antifreeze.

How much antifreeze does a 1999 Lincoln town car hold?

To have a 50 / 50 mixture of antifreeze and preferably distilled water you would need ( 7.5 liters / 7.9 quarts ) of antifreeze because according to the Owner Guide the cooling system capacity is 15.0 liters / 15.8 quarts Ford shows not to exceed 60 % antifreeze and not to drop below 40 % antifreeze in the cooling system

Why is your 95 cutlass leaking antifreeze and overheating?

These two cooling system conditions are more than likely related. The cooling system is closed and not supposed to leak. Sources of leaks include hoses, clamps, radiator and or the heater core.

How many quarts of coolant a 1997 ford escort radiator holds?

The whole cooling system takes about 6 quarts.

1997 Cadillac Deville losses antifreeze?

Is it leaking from the water pump or radiator? Is the system properly pressurized?

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