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Why would your car jerk when you accelerate over 55 mph?

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The hypothetical reason why your car is jerking at speeds of over 55 MPH is probally due to the transmission slipping as it engages into a higher gear. If there is a hard shift of the transmission at higher speeds you may have to have the vehicle serviced soon. My car was doing this once and I had a tire out of round and ready to blow. I had the same problem. It was only when I took off at first, then when I was driving on the interstate it did it whenever I went over 55 mph and the cruise wouldn't work. I had to get the camshaft sensor replaced, and afterward I had no more problems.

2008-05-28 23:33:01
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Why does car jerk when you accelerate from a stop?

low transmission fluid clogged fluid filter

What causes a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration?

One of the possible causes of a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration is that the car needs a tune up. The engine misfiring can lead it to jerk as you accelerate.

When theirs a small evop leak would it cause your car to jerk?

a small evap leak would not cause your car to jerk.

Would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush?

would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush

Would a defective battery cause your car to not accelerate?


What could cause a rattling sound from the engine of a Toyota Cressida at high RPMs and how would you fix it?

it is cauused by over accelaration during the car is in nutrule so if you accelerate at that point the cars belt will get old and it would proably that the reason you are getting a wretel in your car when you accelerate

What causes a car to not go over 45 mph?

It would be a transmission issue, not up shifting. If the engine is in "limp mode" it will not accelerate over a set mph.

Why does car jerk on pull off?

it could be a number of things. my first guess would be brakes. when you say pull off, do you mean turn off to the side of the road/make a turn. or take off/accelerate from a stop

Why would a car jerk to the right when applying the brakes?


Why would a car jerk when you first start it up and when stopping?

What kind of car is is? When it jerk while shutting off, do you turn the key off and it sits there chugging for a second before stopping?

Why does a car slow down when you accelerate?

A car goes faster when you accelerate. It slows down when you brake.

Why does my car jerk when slowing between 60-65 mph?

There are several problems that could cause your car to jerk when slowing down. The most common cause would be a transmission problem.

Why does your car refuse to accelerate?

I don't have a car.

Why would a car jerk while driving at high speed?

could be failing transmission

What force would it take to accelerate a 900kg car at a rate of 6 ms2?


What is a sentence for the word accelerate?

He would wildly accelerate his car when the traffic light turned green. Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate as they move toward the Earth. Living in a foreign country can accelerate the speed at which you learn the native language.

How much time does it take for a car to accelerate from 3.44 ms to 20.9 ms?

That depends on what type of car you're driving. For example, a pickup truck would accelerate more slowly than a race car.

Why would your car idle fine but sputter when you accelerate?

There are a number of reasons why a car would idle find but sputter when you accelerate. It could need a new spark plugs. You may also have to replace the filters. It might also be an issue with the air flow.

What conditions does a car not accelerate?

When a car turns a corner.

Why would your car jerk going from 30 miles to 40?

torqeconverter lock up its normal.

The force it would take to accelerate a 900 kg car at a rate of 3 ms2 is .?


Why would a car jerk when pressing the brake?

You could be pressing the brake pedal too hard. Another reason why it may jerk is because the pull brake is engaged.

Why is my car smoking when you accelerate?

Your car should not smoke when I accelerate. Maybe it caught fire because you dropped a cigarette. If my car smokes when I accelerate, it's because the piston rings are loose and oil is getting into the combustion chamber.

What could be making your car accelerate?

Only fuel. Somehow it is getting in there. Fuel metering needs to be looked over.

What would cause a car to bump when you accelerate but It does not make a noise and I feel a bumping when I accelerate and it stops when I let off the gas?

Is it bogging down? if thats what your referring to, then maybe try a fuel pump if yoir car has one.