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Why would your lights not work after you replace the starter?


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2015-07-17 17:44:52
2015-07-17 17:44:52

You might have installed the starter with the wrong size sledge hammer. Actually I would start with the basics and check for a blown fuse. What lights do you refer to? Inside, outside or trouble lights? All lights? A word of caution: Sometimes with auto repair you can't assume that Action A caused Problem B.

In Response To My Own Question: I finally figured it out ... the starter's main post had more wires on it than I realized at the time, ( I didn't take them off originally). I found that the light circuit went thru the starter post, and when attached to the ground terminals instead of the battery post on the solenoid I had "NO LIGHTS".

Thanks for trying, someone in the future.


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Defective starter or weak battery. Can also be a loose connection at the starter.

Loose or corroded battery cable? Engine seized? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Bad neutral safety switch?

It might be the starter or if the stater works but won't turn over replace the solonoide at autozone.

Simple-wring problem, or you just need to replace the bulbs.

If the lights are bright, the starter may have failed. If the lights are dim and the starter turns over slowly (RRRRrrr . . .) the battery my need to be charged. If the lights are bright and the starter cranks normally, failures in the ignition system may be the cause. The engine needs a strong battery with clean, tight connections, fuel and spark. You are missing one of those.

Assuming the starter does not crank over the engine. Bad starter, starter solenoid or relay. Bad battery. Loose/dirty connections between battery and starter. Bad or out of adjustment neutral safety switch.

I am having this same problem. The lights for the license plate don't work either. I have had two mechanics suggest to me that I replace the HeadLight Switch. I am thinking about ordering one on Monday.

remove the neg battery cable then the wires on the starter. Then take out the mounting bolts and work the starter out.

You should never do repair work on a vehicle if you are not trained to do so. Find a reputable repairman to replace your infinity's starter.

I understand that the starter is under the intake manifold and is quite a bit of work to replace. Could take several hours.

Check that the Starter wire is in good shape. In 97 Grand Ams they were faulty and not giving enough power to the starter. If that doesn't work try the ignition switch or module. then the wiring. See if you can hear things engaging like the fuel injection. That would be a clue that it's trying to get power but something is blocking it. Then check the more expensive things like the starter (some places can test it for free), the alt, the battery. Those are too bad to replace, but why waste the money if it's in the wiring. Sometimes the battery will have enough power to work the lights but not enough to power the starter.

AnswerIf the bulbs check out OK then I would check for a loose ground wire.Replace your turn signal switch, that's what I had to replace to get mine working again.

You could push start it but I would advise against it as the P/S & P/B would not work and you would have to get the vehicle up to around 35 mph. Why not just remove and replace the starter?

The starter is worn out. Eventually tapping it won't work anymore and you will be stuck. Replace it before that happens.

You probably need to replace your brake light switch. It's near the top of the brake assembly, beyond a trim panel. The fact that all three brake lights don't work rules out problems in the multifunction switch (the cause of similar problems affecting only the two rear lights.)

You need to be more specific about your problem, e.g. starter fails to work, lights do not work etc

Look for either a blown fuse or replace flasher unit for the signal lights (it is separate from the hazard lights flasher unit).

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