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Re-install cs :P

Ok I like did this update in steam and i was waiting for WikiAnswers for someone to answer my question and i did the update before anyone answered it and some how now my counter strike work :P but i bet your answer was probably correct too 99.9% :)!

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13y ago
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12y ago

restart your computer because you probably just got the game downloaded and didnt restart yet it happens some times even after game is installed you can unplug internet cord and plug it back in or reset internet box it happens.

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12y ago

Make sure your internet connection works .. else restart steam / PC . If none of these work re-install steam

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14y ago

Your firewall may be blocking the game from accessing the internet.

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Q: Why you can't find online servers for counter strike source?
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Are Counter-Strike Source Servers Free?


How do you get more servers on counter strike source?

More servers must be created in your region.

Can the counter strike source connect to counter strike 1.5?

Sadly no, since the server technologies are separate entitys, Counter-Strike: Source can not connect to any other game, and any maps, mods, or servers from 1.5 or 1.6 cannot be used in Counter-Strike: Source.nope it cant

How do you get Counter-Strike v1.6 - 21 servers in mobilink infinity device?

how do you get counter-strike servers? and can you find polish servers? if you can answer it please!:)

Is Counter-Strike Source the most updated and fastest version of Counter-Strike?

Correct Counter Strike Source is the newest Counter Strike so far but not for long the new counter strike global offence is coming out soon they released the beta already for it in November but i think they are still working on servers for it so it is a little delayed but it will be coming out soon.

What is the best counter strike server?

There are several top counter strike servers. One of the best counter strike servers at the top of the list is Esports.Inungi.Ro. It has a six star rating.

Are there more games like cs portable?

Yes. Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike: Source, Counter Strike Online, Counter Strike GO, and pretty much all FPS games.

Counter strike 1.8?

no! counter strike 1.6 counter strike CZ counter strike Source

What Counter-Strike Source servers are there where once you die you can immediately start playing again?

Servers with the instant respawn mod means you can respawn as soon as you die

Can a counter strike source can be connect to a far counter strike source?

yes it can

What is the newest counter strike?

counter strike source

What engine does Counter Strike Source use?

Counter Strike: Source uses the Source engine.