Why you need to know about radiation?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Why you need to know about radiation?
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Why do you need to know about cancer?

My brother has Larynx cancer, he is taking radiation, but he does not talk about it.

Can food pick up radiation by touching the computer?

no you need to know that yourdump

This type of radiation is normally felt as heat?

Any form of radiation can produce heat. Infra-red radiation is the most commonly recognized as heat, but the question has a much longer answer if you need to know the why.

What are the principles of radiation safety and its importance in society?

Me too, I really need to know what exactly that is. Please someone answer that queation

What is the mandatory use of radiation sanitation for all human for products?

As far as I know, there is no mandatory use of radiation for any human products. Some medical items need to be sterilized and radiation may be the best route for some of them. But nothing is mandatory on food.

Would the radiations in part or part be visible to the human eye?

We would need to know the source of the radiation in order to answer this question.

What kind of experience does one need for radiation therapist jobs?

To be a radiation therapist or radiotherapist, one will need to have a degree in radiation therapy. Similarly, radiation therapists with a Master or Doctoral degree can also prescribe medication.

How can I artificially create electromagnetic radiation?

I'm working on a science project where I need some form of artificial electromagnetic energy. I've heard that a coil produces some radiation but I don't know much about electronics and need an easy way to create some ER.

Why do people exposed to radiation regularly need to wear radiation badges?

The radiation badges tell you how much radiation you have been exposed to so you know when you have been exposed to enough (before it becomes dangerous) and you can stop work in that area until you are able to be exposed to radiation again. They sometimes wear lead aprons to protect themselves from radiation. I think this is right but you had better check again somewhere else because it might not be right.

How do you know Ultraviolet radiation is there if you can not see it?

you don't

Why do you need radiation?

to run machines like cars to run a microwave or even light has radiation

What effect the amount of electromagnetic radiation given by a fire?

i don't know