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There's a solenoid on the steering collom. When you put on the brakes. It sends power to that solenoid. Than it should come out of park.

Check fuse for brake lites.

Check brake lites swicth on brake pattle.

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Q: Why your 1993 Lincoln town car will not shift out of park?
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Why would a 1996 Lincoln Town car not shift out of park?

brake switch gone bad car will not shift out of park if brake goes bad

Why can't get shift out of park on 2007 Lincoln town car?

You can view the 2007 Lincoln Town Car owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( it's listed under Town Car ) ( starting on page 231 the manual explains the brake shift interlock and what to do if you can't shift out of PARK with the brake pedal depressed )

Why transmission will not shift out of park small rod do not moves it is park on a 1998 Lincoln Town car?

Check the fuse for the brake lights. If that fuse is blown it will not come out of park.

Location of oil sending unit on 1993 Lincoln town car?

where is the oil sending located on a 1993 Lincoln town car? where would i find a discriptive picture of the of a 1993 Lincoln town car

What is the oil grade for a 1993 Lincoln town car?

A 1993 Lincoln Town Car came from the factory with ( 5W-30 )

Can a speedmeter of a 1993 Lincoln Town Car fit on a 1992 Lincoln Town Car?


Does a 92 Lincoln Town Car have electric shift solenoids?

Yes, 1992 Lincoln Town cars have shift solenoids. These malfunction when they become stuck or because of a shorted out coil winding.

Why wont your 01 Lincoln town car shift gears?

Your '01 Lincoln Town car might not shift gears because it is low on transmission fluid or because the transmission is damaged.

1993 serpentine belt diagram for Lincoln town car?

2004 Lincoln town car belt diagram

Can you put a manual transmission in a 1993 Lincoln town car?

Yes, you can put a manual transmission in a 1993 Lincoln Town Car. The purpose of the engine is to provide motion to the transmission.

Where is the radiator cap on a 1993 Lincoln town car located?

On a 1993 Lincoln Town Car : The threaded cap on the engine coolant reservoir is the pressure cap / radiator cap

1993 Lincoln town car while driving feels like it wont shift?

Change the transmission fluid and filter may help problem if not may have to have transmission rebuilt

Does a 1993 Lincoln Town Car have a cabin air filter?


Your 1991 Lincoln town car will not shift out of first gear?

If a 1991 Lincoln Town Car will not shift out of first gear, the car should be checked for a vacuum leak. Another item to check is the vacuum modulator which is next to the transmission.

What is the spark plug gap for 1993 Lincoln Town Car?

the spark plug gap for a 1993 Lincoln Towncar is 0.050 inch. the answer is 0.050

93 Lincoln Town Car I Slammed the gear shift into park got gear stuck in drive but shifter loose Got under dash pushed metal line to park shifter still loose till hold up in park to get key out?

Ummmm, the shift cable broke or came off the lever under the dash?

Why does my 1993 Lincoln town car not charge the battery?

Have the alternator tested.

Shifter linkage for Lincoln Town Car?

my lincoln town car started with not going into park and now it wont go in reverse what is wrong and how do i fix it

What is the size of the oil drain plug on a 1993 Lincoln town car?

The drain plug, on a 1993 Lincoln town car, is 5/8. The drain plug has special threads and cannot be replaced with a regular bolt.

How many quarts in 1993 Lincoln Town Car?

5 U.S. Quarts

Where is the water pump on 1993 Lincoln Town Car located?

On the front of the engine.

1993 Burgundy Lincoln Town Car Signature Series?

This isn't a question.

1993 Lincoln Town Car brake apportion valve adjust?

There is no adjustment.

On a 1993 Lincoln town car vehicle is started and when you depress the brake to operate the shift lever it remains stuck in the park position vehicle is on level ground?

Check to make sure that the stop lights are working , they are on the same circuit. If not check fuses In an emergency situation, you may be able to turn key (without engine running) to lst position after lock, move gear shift to neutral to start and than shift into Drive or Reverse.

Where is the computer located in 1993 Lincoln town car?

where is the ecu located on 1998 lincoln towncar signature series 4.6 liter