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1 reason - the added moisture in the room

2 reason - the difference between the temperature of the water used and air is large enough to generate that effect.

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Q: Why your bathroom mirror gets steam coating even after you took bath from a cold water?
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How do drops form in a bathroom mirror?

They form after you wash, take a shower or take a bath because the steam that comes up from the hot water rises and sticks or clings to the mirror and they gather more evaporated water as they go.

What is the best way to get steam off a mirror?

One effective way to remove steam from a mirror is to wipe it down with a dry towel or squeegee to absorb the moisture. Another option is to use a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then wipe the mirror clean with a microfiber cloth. Additionally, running a fan or opening a window to improve ventilation can help prevent steam buildup in the future.

Why does your mirror steam when im in the bath?

It's called condensation, steam from the hot water in the bath turns back to water when it touches the mirror covering the mirror in a thin layer of water.

What state forms when a vapor condences?

Vapor condenses to form liquid. Go to the bathroom and turn on the shower but only the hot water. You'll notice that there's steam/water vapor. Look at your mirror and watch as liquid water forms.

In order for water as steam to become water as liquid it has to?

undergo the process of condensation. This occurs when the water vapor cools and loses energy, causing the molecules to come together and form liquid water droplets. Condensation can happen when steam comes into contact with a cooler surface, such as when steam from a shower condenses on a bathroom mirror.

What is fog on the bathroom mirror called?

Fog appears on bathroom mirrors like how your hot breath appears on glass when you breathe on it. The hot vapor in the air mixes with cool glass and fog appears. In other words, water vapor condenses on a smooth, cold surface creating condensation (steam).

What is it called when a mirror fogs up?

Actually, everything fogs up. You just can see it better on the mirror. When you take a hot shower, it produces steam and this steam will rise in the room and then cool off and descend to the ground. As it moves, it sticks to all solid surfaces, the walls, cieling, the sink, the toilet, etc., leaving a layer of moisture on everything. Its just more evident on the mirror or a window.

Why does the bathroom mirror mists up when you have a shower?

The water vapours spread all over the bathroom when we take bath. They are on the walls, on the mirror and everywhere. However they are easily visible on the mirror as the surface is smooth and water vapours make it difficult to see clearly. Taking showers creates a humid environment. The warm water vapor permeates the air. The mirror, and walls and everything else in the bathroom, are cooler than the air, and the moisture condenses on them. It is the same affect as water condensing on the side of your cold drink on a hot day. same thing when you are in the kitchen

Why does the mirror in the bathroom has drops of water after taking a hot shower?

It is called condensation.

Mike is having a hot bath He notice the mirror in the bathroom is misty what is the liquid that make the mirror misty?

Water vapour

How does steam from your shower effect your bath room walls this is not a joke?

Steam from your shower can indeed effect the bathroom walls. You should wash your bathroom walls on a regular basis. Mold can grow from excess water or even the steam from your shower.

The change of state from Gas to LIquid?

The process of changing matter from the gaseous state to the liquid state is called condensing. A common example of condensation is steam from a hot shower condensing into water on the cooler bathroom mirror.