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based on the main-streaming tendancies of major arms makers, I seriously doubt it. Too bad!

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What warranty or gaurantee does browning offer on there semi automatic shotguns?

Warrantys apply to new gun sales only. Visit for more information

Where can you buy a rifled slug barrel for a 1969 20 gauge Browning Auto-5?

Browning did not offer one, but you may find an aftermarket Hastings barrel ( that will do the trick.

What year and what gauge is a Mississippi valley arms co serial?

While there are several gun manufacturer\'s that offer serial numbers on their shotguns, unfortunately the Mississippi Valley Arms Co. does not. The year and gauge of the gun would depend on when it was manufactured. For example, Mississippi Valley had numerous shotguns produced by a subsidiary company called Crescent Firearms, while many were imported from Belgium.

What years did browning have round knobs on the stock of the auto-5 shotguns?

1923 - 1966 had round knobs as standard stocks 1967 and up had flat pistol grips auto5man my browning a-5 made in 1988 in liege belgium has the roung knob stock, and i know it has never been changed. I ask the question " did browning offer both round knobs and pistol grips from 1067 on?"

Is it OK to offer a Belgian Browning trap grade over and under 12 gauge shot gun with ventilated rib with 24 inch barrel for sale on this site?

You will have better luck on other boards.

Where can you buy Remington shotguns?

There are many websites and companies that offer Remington shotguns for sale. Some of these websites and companies are Amazon, Walmart and official Remington website.

Where can you get information on a small Browning handgun - maybe made in years 1940 to 1945?

Contact Browning. They offer historical letters.

What years did browning offer the bpr-22?


What type of guns does Brownells offer?

Brownells offers many types of firearms. They offer rifles, handguns, and shotguns, as well as many other accessories and supplies.

You would like information on a 16ga. browning shotgun serial x1234 not sure of model or year?

Contact Browning. They offer letters for @ 40 USD

What rifle companies offer military discounts?

probably browning and remington they are used the most

Did browning offer invector plus chokes on the Auto 5?

Yes, in the new A5.

Did browning offer bar MK 11 safari in 270 weatherby mag?

yes, but not many

What year was my browning bolt action made Serial 8L 47345 what model is it I cant find anything on this?

Contact Browning. They now offer historical letters for @ 40 USD

What does browning offer in 6mm rem?

There are severel models that carry the WSM calibers. You can see the full model lineup on the current Browning on line catalog. Check the link below.

When did Browning first offer a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a double action trigger?


Does the 308 Win Browning BAR come with a boss?

Yes and no... Browning used to offer the .308 with the BOSS but not anymore. You might be able to find one in new or excellent condition somewhere, if you're patient.

How do you verify authenticity of Medalist Renaissance serial number A70UUxxxx?

Contact Browning. They now offer letters for @ $40 USD

What is a 1961 Browning 12 gauge 1M41773 worth in average condition?

Other than it being a standardweight Browning A5 12ga made in 1961, you dont provide much information. 26" open-choked guns bring more than 30" full choke guns, and condition is everything. Average to you may be poor to me. Without detailed information on a potentially collectable firearm, the best we can do is offer a range of $250 - $1000.

How can I find out what year a J C Higgins 583.17 twelve gauge shotgun was made if it does not have a serial number?

These were mde in the 1950's by High Standard for Sears- serial numbers were not required on shotguns until 1968. THERE is A SAFETY RECALL ON THAT MODEL 12 G. According to Sears, the gun is unsafe to fire due to a design flaw. Contact Sears for deatails on their recall offer.

Does Savage make a 20 gauge slug gun?

currently all they offer is a 12 ga bolt gun

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There are a few places online such as Welding Web, Grainger as well as Lincoln Electric offer websites that someone looking to purchase a Pressure Gauge for a welder can be purchased.

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