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yes, Diet Coke can conduct electricity through pencil because diet coke contain free moving ions that provide free moving electrons that can flows through carbon of the pencil. Pencil is a good electricity conductor.

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No, I tried it

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Q: Will Diet Coke conduct electricity through pencil leads attached to a battery?
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Mercury the element ability to conduct electricity?

You can conduct electricity through liquid mercury.

Do rubbers conduct electricity?

Rubber objects do not conduct electricity, neither do they let electricity travel through them.

Materials which lets electricity go through them are called?

Conductor are materials that conduct electricity. There are also semiconductors, which conduct electricity but not as well, and superconductors, which conduct electricity without resistance when very cold.

Can electricity flow through insulators?

No. Insulators by definition don't conduct electricity.

What do you call a material that allows electricity to flow through it easily?

A material that electricity can conduct electricity.

How do you conduct electricity from anemometers?

through pencil lead.

Can electricity pass through salted water?

yes electricity can pass through salt water .salt is an ionic compound which can conduct electricity

Can electricity pass through paper?

If the potential is high enough, yes electricity can pass through paper.

Does electricity pass through metal?

Yes, one of the properties of metals is ability to conduct electricity.

What happens when a bulb is attached to a battery?

When a bulb is attached to a battery or a cell as scientists call it, the bulb glows. If you want a bulb to glow more and more brighter, it depends on how many batteries you attached to the bulb. If you attach a lot of batteries at the same time, the bulb might even explode or burn out. The wires that hold the interaction between a light bulb and the battery is electricity. The electricity flows through the wires and touches the bulb and that is how a light bulb glows.

Does electricity flow through water?

Yes it does. pure H2O will not conduct electricity, however most water has some impurities in it, and will then conduct quite nicely.

Why do metal conduct?

As metals are good conductors, they allow the electrons to pass through them. Hence they conduct electricity.