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Will Eddie Gurerro ever get another title shot?

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Oh yes! Trust him. He HAS another title shot he died so no no hes dead i no its sad viva la raza

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What drugs did Eddie Guerrero take?

Steriods. - Eddie Guerreo will remain with us all for ever.

Will The Undertaker ever get another title shot?

Yes, of course The Undertaker will get another title shot. The Undertaker is one of the best and most powerful in all of wrestling. There are not many that can match up to him. He will eventually get into the Hall Of Fame once he retires.

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Yes, it is common knowledge theat Eddie did use steroids at some point in his career.

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if orton beats sheamus at the royal rumble orton will face cena in a wwe championshipmatch

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Did Vicki guerro ever remarry after Eddie guerro died?

no but she is in love with edge.

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Will Eddie Guerrero ever become WWE Champion again?

If Eddie Guerrero were still alive, it would be possible for him to have became WWE Champion again.

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