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Will Lukas Podolski ever play for Arsenal?

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He is going to play for Arsenal

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Lukas Podolski plays for Arsenal.

As of June 2014, Lukas Podolski plays for Arsenal, a club in England.

Lukas Podolski played for Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Club football: Arsenal FC National team: Germany.

If he had played for the Polish team, he wouldn't be allowed to play for the German team. Besides, he is not a Polish citizen although he was born in Poland.

Arsenal play in the Emirates Stadium. They used to play in Highbury. AND THEY ARE THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!!

He is a forward. He originally was used as a central striker in a 4-4-2 early in his career. Recently, however, he has transformed into a left winger for club and country, but is still used as a center forward on occasion.

No they haven't, they've only played in England.

In the year 2006 Barcelona played and defeated Arsenal by two goals to one in the final.

Arsenal play at heir famous emirate stadium.

Arsenal vs Aston villa

Arsenal play Sunderland this week.

No Sidwell has not played for Arsenal.

Arsenal have access to the best medical experts, he is young - he has every chance, given time.Gilberto came back after a similar injury for Arsenal.

Their are Several acadamies near by wear you leave...You will have to join acadamies and if you play well and good ..or the coach thinks you can be able play for Arsenal he will select you for in arsenal u17 then U18 then if you play better & etter you could be selected for the team Arsenal.....

No. Guiseppe Rossi has played for Manchester United, Newcastle United (on loan) and Villarreal.

They don't play for the league, but they play in the Premiership.

Arsenal plays Man United on November 22nd .

arsenal should play 4-4-2 it is the most effective formation

The first African player to play for Arsenal FC was Brendon Batson. He played for Arsenal from 1971 until 1974, and played for Cambridge United after.

The last time that Arsenal and Celtic played was at the 2010 Emirates Cup.

if you want to play for them first you have to play for a local club and play matches and sometimes scouts come from arsenal man u and chelsea to watch these matches if you play they will ask you to train with them and if that goes well they will ask you to play for them good luck on getting in

The only occasion that the ladies in red have and would play a mens team is during training, mainly a less competitive, fun game. The Arsenal Ladies had one training game with the actual Arsenal (mens) team back in 2004. -Gerrard17

Ya! sure....I will play for Arsenal! I'm a freshman right now, i play for senior Varisity team at lake Washinton High school in Redmond WA! :):)

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