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New York City public schools will be closed Monday, October 29 due to Hurricane Sandy. It is likely they will close Tuesday as well because of the storm.

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Q: Will NYC schools be closed because of Hurricane Sandy?
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What schools were closed due to Hurricane Sandy on Halloween?

New York City public schools were closed on Halloween 2012 due to Hurricane Sandy.

How do you know what schools were closed due to Hurricane Sandy?

It is safe to assume that all schools in New Orleans were closed because of Hurricane Sandy, but to find out how many days they were closed or if schools in other areas were closed, you should check newspapers or call the school district of the area you are interested in.

Are Catholic schools closed tomorrow because of the Hurricane Sandy?

They ought to be! Pray, pray, pray! -And call your school directly, if possible.

Why is the market closed?

Because hurricane SANDY Is threatening the coast of New york City.

What characteristics made hurricane sandy a hurricane?

Hurricane Sandy was a hurricane because it was a large scale tropical system with a closed circulation, a defined center of rotation, organized convection, a warm core, and sustained winds in excess of 74 mph. All these are needed to qualify as a hurricane. However, at landfall in the U.S. Sandy had lost tropical characteristics, and so was technically no longer a hurricane but a very powerful post-tropical cyclone.

How much money are businesses expected to lose because of Hurricane Sandy?

Businesses are expected to lose over $30 BILLION dollars because of Hurricane Sandy.

Who named hurricane sandy?

Hurricane Sandy was named by the National Hurricane Center.

Why is hurricane sandy news?

Hurricane Sandy was a newsworthy event because it was an extremely large, dangerous, and destructive storm that showed unprecedented behavior.

What happened after hurricane sandy?

after hurricane sandy people were in the hospital

What year did hurricane sandy happen?

Hurricane Sandy was in 2012.

When did hurricane sandy end?

Hurricane Sandy ended on November 1, 2012.

what category was hurricane sandy at its strongest?

Hurricane Sandy briefly peaked as a category 3 hurricane.