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Yes,naruto met Minato in one of the latest episodes,when he found out that Minato had sealed his own soul,together with the kyyubi's,into his own body.(Although Minato is already dead.)

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Q: Will Naruto ever meet his parents?
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Does naruto ever get to meet his mother?


Will naruto ever meet his brother again?

Naruto doesn't have a brother

Does Naruto ever meet his father?


Do naruto and karin ever meet?


Does Naruto ever meet his mom?

no,she is dead

Dose Naruto ever find out about his parents?

Yes in ''Naruto Shippuden'' episode 168. It shows that the Fourth Hokage confesses to Naruto that he is his father.

Did Laura ever meet Almanzo's parents?


Will naruto ever meet Kushina Uzumaki?

Yes, he meets her at the end of chapter 497.

Does Naruto ever meet his mother?

In when naruto fight his kyuubi he is about to lose when his come to tell him ok naruto but she is dead but she like naruto dad when naruto fought pain meets his father so she like buried i the fox spirt

What episode does Naruto meet his dad in?

He meets his father, Minato Namikaze, in Naruto: Shippuden episode 168. He doesn't technically meet him, as Minato died 16 years ago. It is only a piece of Minato that he stored in Naruto in case Naruto ever wanted to release the Nine Tails.

Will Naruto ever meet Ash off Pokemon?

hopefully never and if he does i hope he kills em.

Does Naruto ever meet his parents?

He does meet his father in Pein vs Naruto. It's when Naruto starts going 8 tails in his anger because of Pein who struck Hinata and killed her.(she comes to life later on again). The fourth hokage stops him from going eight tails and they have a short conversation too. So far in all the episodes/movies/manga chapters that have happened in Naruto, Naruto has never met his mother but she is mentioned in an episode. You can read about her on narutopedia. Her name is Kushina Uzumaki. he also meets his father in the 4th naruto shippuden movie

Does Naruto ever meets the fourth Hokage?

Yes, they meet in chapter 439/Shippuden episode 168.

In which episode will Naruto meet Sasuke again?

In which episode will naruto meet sasuke again ?

What manga chapter when Naruto has flashbacks about his parents?

Naruto does not have flashbacks about his mother but he does meet his father. He meets his father when he is fighting Pein and just when he is about to pull out the nine tails The Fourth comes to him in a vision in Naruto Chapter 440.

Does Naruto ever die on the show Naruto?

Naruto in 4th movie was close to deth. No Naruto will not ever die.

What episode of Naruto shippuden does Naruto meet his mother?

Naruto does not have a family [ To Approve this answer, Naruto does have a family that both died ] he dosent meet his mother he only meets his father

Does Sakura ever meet the nine tailed fox?

Not really, she has just seen Naruto partly transform into the fox

Does Naruto have a family?

Yes, Naruto does have a family. The 4th Hokage, his father and his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, who appears on the last manga(497) telling Naruto how she and his father meet. Both their parents, lived in Naruto so long. Well, that's all family he has.

Which episode does Naruto meet Jiraiya?

Naruto first meets Jiraiya in episode 52 of Naruto.

Does Naruto ever fight Guy?

No, Naruto doesn't ever fight Guy.

In what Naruto episode does Gaara meet Matsuri?

Naruto episode 216

In what episode does Naruto meet jiraya?

naruto episode 53-54

What episode of Naruto shippuden does Naruto meet his mom?

It is not released yet.

What episode of Naruto does Naruto meet his mother?

Shippuden episode 246.