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No, because it would make Nintendo lose money because some people would buy the PC version.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:03:05
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Q: Will Nintendo ever market Legend of Zelda for the PC?
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What is the best game ever made for Nintendo 64?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Is Legend of Zelda ocarina of time for xbox360?

To rephrase that ever so slightly, the Legend of Zelda series is a Nintendo exclusive series, and it is highly unlikely for Nintendo to allow any other company to produce a game in the series ever again.

What game is the best ever?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Minecraft The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is a registered trademark of Nintendo. Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang AB.

What game console will the legend of Zelda sorrows ghost be for?

Nintendo wii because shagira meamoto said "that the wii was the gratest Nintendo console ever made and it mite also be on ds for a diffrent game which is legend of Zelda valley of the flood He never EVER said that. Also that game dosent exist.

Will there ever be another Legend of Zelda game for the 3DS?

Nintendo has said they are working on a new Zelda game, for now the game is unknown but the are rumors that the game will be majora's mask.

Will there ever be a legend of Zelda movie?

A number of scripts have been pitched to Nintendo for a Legend of Zelda film, which have all been turned down. Nintendo does not seem to be keen on turning any of their games into movies after the Super Mario Bros. movie a number of years ago, which was a failure. Most likely, there won't be a Zelda movie, but none of us can be sure.

What is the best Nintendo game ever?

1. legend of Zelda ocarina of time 2. super Mario 64 3. street fighter 2 4. super Mario bros. 3 5. legend of Zelda a link to the past

What is an NES?

Nintendo Entertainment System, an 8-bit console from Nintendo. It was the first ever gaming console made by Nintendo in the 80s. Game classics, such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda originated here.

Does link from Legend of Zelda ever talk?

Aside from grunting when encountering damage, Link never speaks during "The Legend of Zelda"

What is the worst Legend of Zelda game ever?

Majora's Mask

Why isn't link's name ever on the title for Zelda games it is like it is only Zelda's legend but link is the one who fights not her?

I think that Nintendo wanted the game the other way. Zelda was actually going to save Link then they changed roles so that is why it is called The legend of Zelda. I think I am wrong so don't get angry at me ok.

Are they ever going to make a remake of the legend of Zelda the wind waker?

They have remade the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Wii U in HD graphics.

Will there be a legend of zelda movie?

You never know, there is certaintly a fan want for it but Nintendo won't do more movies ever since the super Mario bros movie, that was just terrible.

Is legend of Zelda twilight princess out for xbox 360 Monkey bums. Kikiki?

No it is not nor will it ever be, Zelda twilight princess and all those before and after it and solely Nintendo exclusive games. If you want to play it you will need a wii or gamecube.

Is the Legend of Zelda series pwnage?

Why are you even asking this!? This is the BEST GAME EVER!

What will the last Zelda game be?

Itll be called: The Legend of Zelda: This is the last Zelda game. Seriously though, I don't think they'll ever stop making Zelda games.

Has there ever been a Mario or Zelda game released for a console not made by Nintendo if yes what was the game called and what console was it released for?

no because Nintendo owns the rights to all Mario and Zelda games.

What is the best Legend of Zelda 1 download?

OMG totally has to be legend of zelda the phantom hourglass...and the sequal is also fantastic, Spirit track. They are like the best games I have ever played that are addictive...

What is the longest video game ever?

Legend Zelda twilight princess- 50-70 hours

Legend of Zelda twilight princess does Link ever fall in love with Midna?

sort of at the end

Was link from legend of Zelda and sonic ever in the same game?

In Super Smash Bros Brawl

Will the Legend of Zelda Games ever stop being made?

some people think they will, but some people think they will not. you would have to be the creator of Zelda to know! ^_^

Are they going to make another Legend of Zelda game?

They have already made a skyward Sword game by the way but the legend of Zelda is an ongoing series and if they were ever going to end it there would probably be a lot of complaints or stuff about it.

Is Zelda the best video game ever?

No. The original Super Mario Bros. for NES is the best game ever. However Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time defintely comes in second place.

Do Zelda and link ever kiss?

I recall that at the end of Legend of Zelda II: Link's Adventure, it is implied that Zelda kisses Link as the curtain is near the stage floor. Outside of that, nothing stands out.