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Will Sakura and naruto go out?


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October 17, 2010 2:15PM

Logically speaking, NO, In one of the latest chapters of Naruto Hinata finally tells Naruto she loves him right before she is injured by Pain. But there is still some hope for NaruSaku (Naruto and Sakura love fans NOT hentai) fans because many times she has been seen by the viewers that she (Sakura) loves Naruto.

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I would have to say that they would go out. I'm not entirely sure of Naruto's feelings for Hinata, but I am sure he does like her, and I believe that he and Hinata will start going out and it'll spark a lot of jealously in Sakura to the point where she can no longer ignore her true feelings for Naruto and then she may confess her feelings to him. When Naruto's mind is set on something, such as becoming Hokage, he never changes it. I don't think his love for Sakura will ever die away even if he dates Hinata, and because of it, he probably will go out with Sakura if she ever confesses her love, even if it means breaking Hinata's heart.

One of the main reasons, well probably the only reason why they wouldn't go out is if Sakura doesn't love Naruto, but I strongly believe she does. In one of the episodes, Sakura was talking to Iruka, and Iruka was telling her about how proud he was of his students and about how much people have changed. Later that night, Sakura was looking at the old picture of Team 7. She started remembering things in the past and said to herself about how everyone really has changed. Then she also remembered when she was upset because she could only do little things to help Naruto but Yamato told her what's really important is how strong her feelings for Naruto really are.


Actually in one of the LATEST mangas of Naruto, Sakura did confess her feelings toward Naruto but he was too preoccupied in finding Sasuke, so he said out of no where " I Dont Like People Who Lie To ThemSelves....." but I know Naruto's Feelings for Sakura Have Never Changed. In Case You Dont Believe Me, Check Chp. 469

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What i think / know is that i hate narusaku.y should naruto and sakura go out after all dat she has done to him in d past.hinata has always loved naruto right 4rm when they were d fight with pain ,hinata confesses her love 4 naruto and i think naruhina sounds better and also proves better than narusaku.naruto has always loved hinata uncounciously dat is without even knowing it.sasuke liked sakura b4 he left but he was just too proud to admit it.y do u think he said thank you to sakura b4 he leaving.and i think naruto's assumed love for sakura is nothing but a crush or infatuation.