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Will Sara play a part in the Undertaker story again?

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It's not likely since they're getting a divorce. i doubt it coz they hav kids now Sara Calloway have to take care of the children so she can't play a roll for sure No you cannot have the deadman married. It would only work if Undertaker beacame the biker again

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Is undertaker really in vegetative state?

Of course not. its just part of the story line. Undertaker is not. he is just getting a tattoo removed on his neck of his X wife sara...if you have any other questions. email me. i know everything there is to know about wwe.

Are WWE superstars Kane and undertaker borthers?

No they aren't. It was just a part of the story lines.

Why is undertaker dead that not really or holy to talk about?

not really, it's part of the story line, now eddie gurrero is dead

Why did these people bury the Undertaker on WWE?

it's just part of the story; part of the act.. didn't really happen. it's just sort of like a play

Is the undertaker part of the illuminati?


Is The Undertaker Irish?

Undertaker is part Irish and a quarter American Indian. (taken from

Are the masked Kane and undertaker the same person?

no Kane and undertaker are brothers from part of there father

Is undertaker part of the devil?

no its just a storyline

Who are the real brothers in WWE?

Jeff hardy and Matt hardy are real brother. Kane and undertaker are fake brothers. it is just a part otheir story lines.

Is there such a name as sara?

Yes. In the UK they pronounce it "SAHruh" and I know a lot of people who spell it Sara instead of Sarah. Sara Quin is part of Tegan and Sara and they're a band.

What part of speech is sara?

The name Sara is a proper noun. Proper nouns should be capitalised.

What part of Texas does 'The Undertaker' live in?


What happened to the powers of WWE's the undertaker?

It is just the part he plays.

Why do people hate the undertaker?

Some people do, but they have their own reasons (often stupid ones.) For the most part, people like the Undertaker.

When is undertaker coming back in 2011?

Undertaker suffer an injury which in turn has cause him to be gone for so long. It has been reported that he is currently going though therapy to get back in the ring. It was originally though that he would make his return at Summer Slam but that wasn't possible so doctor turn their focus to Survivor Series but once again it was not to be. Undertaker is believe to make his return during the 2011 Royal Rumble in time to take part in the "Road to Wrestlermania" story. This could all still change since it all depends on when he feel ready and the doctor clear him to compete again. If he does return his likely to continue his battle with his "brother" Kane. The Undertaker had torn his rotator cuff in the shoulder. Surgery was necessary to repair the damage.

How do you get maxus Helios in bakugan defenders of the core?

if have to complete the game on story mode then play story mode again and in the item boxes you can find on part of maxus Helios

Is Sara Bareilles Italian?

Yes, she is of part Italian descent.

Dr Heidegger's Experiment romantic elements?

One part of the story that is romantic, is that the characters in the story made mistakes in their life, and didnt learn from them and tried to go do the samething again

Can Undertaker really make the lights go off?

No Its Just Part Of His Entrance

How do you unlock masked Kane on svr11?

in Vs. Undertaker part of Road to Wrestlemania

Is WWF Kane and Undertaker brothers?

Only as part of the plot. Not in real life.

Is it true that the Undertaker buried Paul Bearer alive in cement?

yes as part of a story line but not in real life it was at the great American bash either in 2001 or 2002 after a handicap match he had against the dudley boyz

Why is The Undertaker strong?

The Undertaker has built up his Strength over the years with controlled, yet extensive training. It is part of the wrestlers duties to maintain his own strength levels.

In storytelling what part is considered an exposition?

The part of a story that is considered to be an exposition is the part of the story that provides important information about the main setting of the story, as in where the story takes place.

Why did undertaker left Kane burned in a fire?

he never did it lol. it's part of the storyline.