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Of course, Demi has, Forever the Sickest Kids, and more!


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Selena Gomez is a teen singer and actress with many fans. Unless you go to a concert or are another celebrity, you probably won't meet her in person, let along sing with her. You can, however, pursue your dream as a singer.

Get with it! Selena Gomez is goin out with Justin beiber! So no, nick ain't cheating, let alone going out with Selena or miley.

Selena Gomez likes Demi Lovato better. That is a fact that I know, because Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are the bestest of the best friends. :) Need better information? Let me know! :)

hi just to let ya know her real name is Selena Gomez!

Well don't you think it is up to Selena and Justin whether if there a good couple, it was there decision.yes they do even if they dont think so its true selena found the perfect boyfriend and she shouldnt let him go or let someone take jb away from her

Tesco. Tesco sells Selena Gomez costumes, but you have to go through a secret door if they let you. I been in it! (Only once. It's amazing!)

I believe that Selena Gomez is a good person. Her song "Who Said" should prove she is not a bad person. Also, she is not judgemental. She looks on the inside and doesn't let appearance get the better of her. So, all in all Selena Gomez is a very good person.

It depends on if Taylor is bad if selena loves God I know that he will change her or he wount let them join free mercy I still love selena gomez she is still my ro model and I want her to change

Yes more so with Justin she does not let fame go to her head

her co-star=jake t austin==(and let me tell you... he is gorgeous!!)=

well im sorry to tell you but its only your parents decision

no its not wrong just let date whoever he wants to date

They met in 2000 in line to audition for "Barney and Friends" where it was cold and Demi offered to let Selena sit on her jacket.

I am very sure NO ! she is a role model to me i would never believe that !

let me see justin beiber taylor launter david henrie and more

Never Let You Go although the song is based on Catlin Beadles

the answer is no but this is justin beiberand let me tell u one thing i love selena gomez

Justin bieber goes out with Selena Gomez because he thinks she's hot and she thinks he's handsome and they both like each other and just to let you know they are not even dating any more

they met at a barney adittion. when demi lovato offered to let Selena sit on her jacket. ever seince then they were bestiies they met at a barney adittion. when demi lovato offered to let Selena sit on her jacket. ever seince then they were bestiies

hello Selena Gomez what are you doing there? you r so cute! i love you and ur songs! u have a really cute and nice boyfriend! :) u should stay with him not break up. well better let u go.

I don't really know. I guess she does let her fans touch her because when she holds her hand out near her fans and touch her.

You shouldn't tickle anyone that you don't know very well (and even then, only if they are okay with the tickling).

There will never be an agreement on this question. Miley fans will always say Miley just as Selena fans will say Selena. Better to listen to the one that you like and let others have their own opinion. Happy listening.

she started to sing on barney where she met selena and they became best friends. i am a close friend of demi's and she told me that selena knew she could sing because after meeting on barney they were over selenas house doing kareoke and demi and selena were both good. selena then went to the director of barney and insisted that she let demi sing on the show. her first music video was at the age of 12 or 13. thats all i know! :)

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