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Will a 2005 chevy silverado cap fit a 2008 chevy

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If it is easy, your gas cap is not on correctly.

It might be that you did not tighten the gas cap enough.

the gas cover just needs to be pushed and then it opens... There is no button

If it is a after market fuel cap then the cord will not work on it. If you would like to have the little cord then you have to go the Chevrolet dealer and get a new cap form them. The new cap will have the little cord with it.

you either get a pair a channel lock pliers and turn it off . its a pain in the but but i have to do it on my 2005 cavy . but do it easy or you will strip the cap

Well if the 1998 truck bed is 8 feet and the 2008 is a 6.5 feet the answer is no.How big is the 1998 trucks bed and how big is the 2008 trucks bed.You need to measure length and width.

how do you remove and replace the distributor cap on a 97 chevy cavalier?. I can not get to it.

According to the Haynes repair manual for Chevy/GMC trucks 1988 thru 2000 the cap should be a 15 psi radiator cap.

Its underneith the car by the transmission pan the cap on the engine block is just where you would fill it.

On a 2008 Ford Explorer you can have a fuel cap or the EASY FUEL system that doesn't have a fuel cap

A loose gas cap will cause this. Check that first then have a local parts store such as Advance clear the code for you.

The radiator cap is on top of the engine coolant reservoir in the front of the Equinox, under the hood. The reservoir is located on the right side of the engine, halfway between the bumper and the edge of the windshield.

Yes, a 1997 Chevy Cavalier does have a distributor cap. The distributor does not have points and a condenser. This part is one electronic unit.

If your S10 has a 2.2L engine, it doesn't have a distributor cap.

the cap is on the coolant surge tank, on side by fender.

Push in gas cap door it will release

wher is the radiator cap on a 2001 chevy suburban

will a cap on a 2002 1500 long box fit on a 2005 long box

Snapple Cap Facts - 2008 was released on: USA: 6 November 2008 (internet)

The oil cap on a 1998 Chevy Blazer is located on the passenger side of the motor. It is just to the left of the manifold cover.

The cast of Un cap - 2008 includes: Ugo Donati

no cap, just the coolant tank, add to this to add coolant../

Look at your oil cap. The weight is on the cap.