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Will a 350 turbo transmission fit a 1992 GMC that has a 700R4?

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Yes it will fit and it will work

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What transmission fits a Chevy 350?

Turbo 300, Turbo 350, Turbo 400 and 700R4 are the first ones that came to mind.

What transmission will fit a 1977 camaro 350 engine?

I have a 350 turbo in mine Just about any transmission will work! Powerglide, Turbo 350 (lockup or non) or Turbo 400, even 700r4.

What kind of transmissions can you use with Chevy 350 automatic?

turbo 350 or 700r4 turbo 350 or 700r4

Will a 1978 Chevy 350 motor bolt to a 1992 Chevy turbo 350 transmission?

No turbo 350's in 1992.

What are the problems when swapping a turbo 350 for a 700r4 transmission in a 1986 Chevy silverado with a 350 motor?

Cross member

Do a 1977 Chevy carprice come with a 700r4 transmission?

Factory would have been a 350 TURBO.

Can you have a 350 with a turbo 350 transmission?

Yes of course. All Chevy engines are interchangible with transmissions. For example, you can have a 305, 307, 327, 350, 400 with a turbo 350, turbo 400, or 700r4 big block are also the same

What is the deferents between a turbo 350 transmission and a 700 R transmission?

A turbo 350 has only 3 gears. The 700R4 has 3 gears plus over drive and lock-up converter. And it is the same as a 400 turbo with overdrive.

Can you put a 700r4 transmission tail shaft out put shaft and housing on a turbo 350?

no it will not fit at all

If you have a 700r4 transmission can you change it with a 350 turbo straight across with out having to change anything else?

No the 700r4 is a 4 speed transmission the turbo 350 3 speed without changing rear end car will rev really high at any speed over 45

What type of transmission is in a 1992 GMC Vandura 2500?

If its a 3 speed auto, I would say its a Turbo 350. If its a overdrive auto (4 speed) I would say its a 700R4.

Will a 700r4 torque converter work in a turbo 350?


What kind of transmission does a 1985 Chevy impala 4.3L V6 have?

If it has overdrive it is most likely a 700R4 transmission, if it doesn't,it is most likely a 350 turbo.

Is the transmission from a 1982 Chevy interchangeable with a transmission from a 1988 Chevy?

Yes but you may have to shorten the drive shaft if it is a 350 turbo going to a non electronic 700r4

What Transmission fits a 1992 2500 GMC Conversion Van With 350 engine?

either a 700r4..or a 460l-e

What transmission will fit in 1985 Chevy truck with a 350 engine?

i would put a 700r4 that's a good one for the gas per mile and towing or 350 turbo for the other

Are turbo 350 and 700r4 flex plates different?

I have installed a 700r4 in place of a 350 in my 1959 chev and used the same flex plate with no problem.

Can you replace a 700r4 Chevy transmission with a turbo 350 Chevy trans?

I guess you can if you want. But I don't know WHY you would want to. the 700R4 is a MUCH better transmission. If you change, your fuel milage will be WORSE and the Engine will turn more RPMs. ( Hard on engine )

Which turbo 350 is the same length as a 700r4?

9 inch tail shaft

Will turbo 350 torque converter work in 700r4?

Everything I've heard, no they will not...

Will a 700r4 torque converter run in a turbo 350?

No it will not. Because it is a lock-up converter and the 350 turbo is not set up for a lock-up converter.

Can you use a 1994 700r transmission out of 6 cylinder truck and install it in a 1990 or 1992 305 V8 truck?

yes, the 700R4 transmission is the standard trans for the K1500 with a 5.7 350 engine. 305 is also with the 700R4 transmision.

Can you put a 700r4 transmission from a 4.3 liter on a 350?

Yes you can.

What transmission does a 1991 k1500 with a tbi 350 have?

That would be a 700R4

What is a good transmission for a 76 Chevy c10?

I'm not not sure what came in them from the factory but mine has a 700R4. they are decent transitions for a daily driver but if you want a solid trany try a turbo 400 or turbo 350