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A PCI Express x16 graphics card must go in a x16 PCI Express slot. An x16 slot is much bigger that x1 slot. PCI Express x16 graphics card can be installed into x1, x4 or x8 PCI-E slot phisically only if that slot is opened on the side, opposite to where the VGA monitor connector(s) is(are) on the card. This way, the graphics card will be forced to use the maximum speed, the PCI_E slot can provide - x1, x4 or x8. However - this is dependent on the ability of the graphics card to reduce it's speed according to the slot's speed and the ability of the MotherBoard to support such card. Example: ATI x1550 PCI-E VGA card is tested on system Dell Optiplex GX 520, which has only PCI-E x1 slot. Result is that the VGA card starts Windows XP Pro in Safe Mode, but is not able to run at normal boot.

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Q: Will a PCI Express x16 graphic card work on a motherboard that has PCI Express x1?
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What graphic cards can you use for Intel motherboard DG41BI?

Any PCI Express card will work.

Can a PCI-Express Capture card be made to work on a PCI motherboard?


Will pci express 2.0 x16 graphic card work with pci express mother boards?

Yes it will work.

Will a PCI Express 16X card work on a motherboard with Express 16X 2.0 Capability?

Yes, definitely

Can a PCI graphics card work in a motherboard designed for AGP graphic cards?

No it cannot you will need to get a agp card or upgrade your motherbord.

Can a DDR3 graphic card work in a DDR2 motherboard?

YES. The type of memory on a graphics card has absolutely nothing to do with the type of memory being used by the CPU/motherboard. The only concern in compatibility is the type of expansion bus slot that the motherboard supports, and the type needed by the graphics card.

Will a pci express graphics card work on a iwill KK266 plus motherboard?

The simple answer is no. The board you've mentioned is ancient.

Will a agp video card work on a pci express motherboard?

No. There's a reason there's AGP and then there's PCI-E..

Will a PCI Express video card work on an agp motherboard that has PCI slot?

no. only on a pcie slot. buy a mainboard with such

Will a standard pci card fit a pci express x16 slot?

You may manage to insert it into the slot, but the card will not work, and both the card and the motherboard may suffer damage.

What Graphics card will work on a K7VM3 Asrock Motherboard?

Any AGP 4x Graphics card will work on this motherboard.

Will pci express 2.0 x16 graphic card work with 32 bit pci?

No. Although the connectors may look similar, PCI-E x16 cards and older PCI slots are electronically incompatible. A device meant for one but inserted in the other will not work, and may even result in damage to the card, the motherboard, or both.

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