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Yes. Copper is a very good conductor. But a penny is not

a safe device to include in an electrical circuit.

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Q: Will a copper penny complete an electricity circuit?
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Why would you connect wires to a penny?

Answer why does the person who made a circuit a probably connect the wires to a penny

Is a coper penny a conductor or insulator?

A copper penny (is more an alloy than pure copper) is a conductor of electricity.

Which is the best items best embodies the physical property of conductivity?

a copper penny that easily tranismits electricity

What is needed for an electric circuit light up a light bulb?

i have plans to make a lightbulb glow. to complete the circuit, what can i use? these are my options ....a copper penny,a plastic comb,a metal clip,or an iron nail?

Does a penny conduct electricity?

Pennies are copper coated. Copper is used in most electrical wiring, so pennies are very good conductors of electricity. In the old days when houses had fuses instead of circuit breakers, people who blew fuses when all the stores were closed (we didn't have 24-hour supermarkets then) would sometimes put a penny under the burned-out fuse to get the circuit back in operation. Doing this sometimes led to a house fire--that fuse didn't blow because it felt like it but because there was a fault in the circuit, and putting the penny in there allowed unlimited current to flow. So don't do that.

What happens when you rub a comb of a piece of wool?

The copper penny might get cleaner. If it were a rubber penny, then you would get static electricity.

Is a penny a conductor or an insulator?


Is penny conductor or insulator?

A penny is composed of about 98% zinc and 2% copper, both of which are metals and therefore conduct both electricity and heat very well.

What materials can be found in a circuit?

a copper penny a iron nail a metal clip battery light bulb a switch and many more

What is needed to produce electricity?

Artificially , a rotating bar magnet inside a coil of wire. Naturally, (lightning) to gases of different densities, vapour pressures and temperature, 'passing' each other.

What element is found in the us penny?


What is a 1956 copper penny worth?

A penny.