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Scientifically its not possible for the girl to get pregnant if the guy just touched her hair and did not enter her. But the fact is that for a girl to get pregnant its nto necessary that the guys penis has to enter her vagina, girls can get pregnanant in other ways too. One possibility is that the guy cums in his hand and accidently start finguring her with the same hand when its moist. Though the life span of sperm is very small once outside the human body, some crawlies might live long enough to swim into the female uterus. So girls make sure anything that enters your vagina is sterlized, sperms can be anywhere.

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Bf rubbed panties and you touched his penis and you washed your hands and then cleaned it and touched your vagina are there any chances of getting pregnant?

no. Sperm needs to enter your vagina to get pregnant

Could pre-ejaculatory fluid lead to pregnancy if you did not enter her vagina?

If you didnt enter her vagina then no you should be fine.

Can you get pregnant from swolling sperm?

No; sperm must enter the vagina to get pregnant.

If a woman is wearing her underwear and pj pants and the guy comes on her pants where both her underwear and pants got wet close to or on the vagina can she get pregnant?

No, not if it didnt enter you.

Can a girl get pregnant from eating a mans semen?

No, it has to enter the vagina for a girl to get pregnant.

Do you get pregnant for swallowing sperm?

No, the only way for you to get pregnant is for the sperm to enter the vagina.

Can you be pregnant if the semen is not inserted in the vaginia?

No. Semen must enter the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

Do you always get pregnant once the sperm enter the vagina?

No, not always.

Is it that only after the penis enter the female's vagina she become pregnant or is there any other way to get pregnant?

As long as the sperm connects with the vagina, it's possible she can become pregnant.

If the semen was near your vagina is there a possibilty you can become pregnant?

If seminal fluid entered the vagina, there is a possibility you may become pregnant. If it is "near" the vagina, it may be near enough to enter it.

Will intake of semen orally make a girl pregnant?

A girl will only become pregnant if the sperm enters the body through the vagina. If the sperm enter the body orally, there is no way it can enter the vagina, therefore no way she can beome pregnant.

Can get pregnant when sperms enter from mouth of woman?

Sperm into mouth will not get you pregnant, only sperm into vagina can do that.

Can a women get pregnant if she swallow semen?

No. To fall pregnant the semen must enter a woman's vagina.

Can a girl become pregnant even if the penis does not enter the vagina?

yes if the penis is near the vagina you can become pregnant, because if the sperms go on the vagina it can find it's way to an egg.

Which hole does the penis enter to make a woman pregnant?

The penis enter to make a woman pregnant the vagina during sex, which can lead to pregnancy.

Your boyfriend was sucking on your breast an milk came out are you pregnant?

No you do not get pregnant this way. Sperm must enter her vagina to make her pregnant.

Can sucking a girls vagina make the girl pregnant?

no. Semen must enter the vagina in order for pregnancy to occur.

Can you get pregnant if semen is on the outside of your vagina and or close to it anyways?

Yes you can get pregnant this way, as all it takes is one sperm to enter her vagina to get pregnant. As they move fast and can not be seen with the naked eye.

Could you be pregnant your not wearing anything but a boy wears pant?

If sperm does not enter the vagina then you cannot get pregnant

Can you get pregnant from wiping sperm on your vagina with toilet paper?

Why would you want to do this? There is a possibility that you can become pregnant. If some of the spirm enter the vagina then yes you can become prego. :)

Can you get pregnant if you got thong on and the guy comes near your bum cheek but its near vagina aswel?

This is all down to did the Sperm enter your Vagina ! If it did, you could get Pregnant.

Sperm enter vagina then mentrulcycle come on next day are you pregnant?


Your period came on the day after sperm enter the vagina can you be pregnant?

Bloody right you can

Can Cadbury's chocolate fingers get a girl pregnant?

No. Semenial fluid/sperm is required to enter the vagina to get a woman pregnant.

If you are not sexually active can you be pregnant?

If the penis does not enter the vagina, but they still touch,(grinding) perm could enter the vagina and yes, you could be pregnant. It is higlhy unlikely, but anything is possible. Yes, if someone places a fertilized egg in your "woumb"