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Q: Will a high water table affect foundations?
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Use water table in a sentence?

Example sentences:The water table was so high that everyone had water in their basements.The water table was so high that the town could not handle anymore rain.

What effect does the water table have on foundations?

As simpley as possible........ Foundations of any construction require to be made on solid subterrain. Water can erode man-made materiels without providing any advanced warning of such erosion. A high water content in ground causes the main foundation materiels to become wet, then they will become impregnated. Concreate for instance can absorb some water, it that water is constant and the concreate basic without some form of water repelant the mix breaks down, even if there are steel rods added to improve the strength, these will erode through rust and finally fail. Water levels (the water table) in and around a building are measured BEFORE construction starts. The higher the table (water level) the hard it is to dig down to a dry, first substrate,. Therefore a house near a river might have foundations 10 feed down, contain high levels of water repelant and have higher grade water membrane - This adds to the initial cost of the build compared to a location highup, away from the levels of the water

What is the effect of a high water table?

access to water is more available.

What can be some evidence on the surface of the Earth that indicate a high water table in that area?

A body of water

How did geography of Ypres affect the british soldiers it the Battle of Ypres?

Ypres was low-lying with a high water table that was destroyed by shelling and therefore flooded the ground and turned it into a swamp. There was only one ridge of high ground that the Germans held.

What are the common waterproofing problems faced in Coimbatore?

Common waterproofing problems faced in Coimbatore include water seepage during heavy monsoons, high humidity leading to dampness and mold growth, poor drainage causing water accumulation, cracks in building structures, older construction techniques, substandard waterproofing work, and water table fluctuations affecting foundations.

What happens to rain that seeps into the ground high above the water table?

it evaporates

How does water temperature affect gobstoppers?

At high temperature the solubility is increased.

The following type of Latrine is suitable for an area with a high water table?

mound latrine

How does the number of watts in a light bulb affect how fast water evaporates?

At high temperature (high power in watts) water is evaporated faster.

What type of substance is saltwater?

95% of Earth's water contains high concentration of salt, or high salinity

Will a high water table affect the heating of an in-ground concrete pool?

Hmm, good question. Probably not. However, the surrounding ground can transmit some degree of temp differential especially during winter or off season months.