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if its dead and fresh meat still

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โˆ™ 2010-06-08 23:56:22
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Q: Will a mouse eat another mouse that is caught in a trap?
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What eats house mouse heads?

Will another mouse eat the head of a mouse caught in a trap?

What would eat a dead mouse caught in trap?

a cat

What would eat a mouse off a trap in a school?

prolly another mouse..

What do you do with a mouse he you have caught it?

Eat it.

Can a plant eat a mouse?

yea a plnt can eat a mouse it is called a venus fly trap

Can you safely kill mice without poison?

Yes, it is better not to use poison because another animal may then eat the poisoned mouse and be poisoned too. Try using a mouse trap.

Will a mouse eat a dead mouse in a trap?

Absloutley not. However, a rat might if the mouse corpse is fresh. Believe it or not, rats are predators of mice.

Will a mouse eat another sick mouse?

Possibly, yes. They occasionally canniblize.

What else would eat peanut butter off of a mouse trap?

Dog, Cat, A young Child

What is the best way to keep mice away?

The best mousers in the world are cats. The usually don't eat them, but mice can die from being chased around. Or, get a live trap. When caught, take the trap out to a field and let the mouse out. But right now, being winter in the US, you should put in out into tall grass where it has a chance to stay warm.

Will a mouse eat another mouse?

As a matter of fact they do. Mice and sometimes Rats can be known to resort to cannabalism if there isn't another food sorce. Its highly unlikely for one to do it otherwise. However a mouse may kill another mouse for territorial reasons.

What happens to a dog that eats a mouse?

Nothing will happen. A dog will eat many dirty things. Even if its a wild mouse with diseases. My dog caught a mouse in my backyard.. All that will happen is that it will dispose of the intestines

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