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The courts could request this and your Probation Officer. If you are into sports or your workplace has been informed of this then yes, they can request a drug test being done. My mind wanders on this one and I am wondering why you haven't gotten the message yet!!!! Drugs fry your brain! Likewise, in the US random drug testing will be implemented against those persons who are on probation until they have successfully completed the probation period. A positive drug test can result in the individual having to serve the original sentence that was suspended in lieu of probation. YES, THAT PERSON WOULD DEFINITELY IMMEDIATELY BE SIGNED UP FOR RANDOM DRUG TESTING TO MAKE SURE THEY DON'T DO DRUGS AGAIN, TRUST ME, I SHOULD KNOW.

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Can your probation officer randomly drug test you if drug testing wasnt part of the stipulation to complete probation?

Read and understand your probation order. If you are sentenced to probation, you will have a court order stating the stipulations of your probation. USUALLY, there will be a box to check on the order itself for random drug testing to be ordered. If the box is not checked, you do not have to submit to any testing. If you consent to the testing, that's on you. But if it was not court ordered, it is always your right to refuse.

If i am on probation for a battery charge will i probably take a urine test to get off?

If one of the requirements of your probation is that you submit to periodic/random drug testing you will, most likely, be required to submit to one before the expiration of your sentence of probation.

Are tennis players subjected to drugs testing prior to or during major tournaments and is the use of steroids permitted?

Steroids are banned substances on the ATP and WTA tours. Players are subject to random testing.

What is Random Drug Testing?

Testing a person for (if under suspicion) drug levels in the bloodstream or urine. Usually at sports events.

Why should athletes take random drug testing?

Athletes should take random drug testing because if they use drugs, while playing a sport, it might be an advantage to that person.

How often do they random drug testing at caterpillar?

There is no schedule for random drug testing done. The choice when to do random drug testing at Caterpillar is whenever the company decides to test.

Can felons smoke marijuana?

Sure they can. However, if they are on probation or out on parole it would probably be a good idea not to smoke marijuana or use any other drugs because periodic and random drug testing is sometimes required when one is on probation/parole.

How often are you drug tested at probation?

At random.

How is random drug testing better then mandatory drug testing?

Random drug testing is better because it does not allow people the opportunity to prepare for the test.

What happens if you miss your random drug testing?

The consequences for missing random drug testing will vary. If random drug testing is administered from an employer and it is missed, it could lead to grounds of dismissal or corrective action.

If you have no prior criminal history and get put on probation for fraud do you get drug tested your first visit to probation?

its all random

Is random drug testing legal?


How often will you receive random drug tests on probation?

usually once a month

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Does Pet co in Chicago suburbs do random drug testing?


After a random urine testing positive for weed can you be fired?

Yes, you could be fired for failing a random urine test.

When does athlete drug testing happen?

Drug testing happens at random and it usually takes place in a laboratory or a restroom.

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I am on probation for dwi in Texas and am subject to random ua's will second hand marijuana smoke show up in the ua?