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As long as there is jewellery in the piercing the piercing will not scar, it will form new tissue that makes up the piercing. If the jewellery is removed before the piercing is allowed to heal completely this tissue will join together and form scar tissue.

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Q: Will a piercing scar if you have only had it three months?
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Does a Monroe piercing leave a scar?

sure it does. How badly you scar depends on how long you have the piercing, how well it healed and how badly you personally scar.

What does it mean when your ear hardens from a double piercing?

If it is recent, then it may just be the tissues getting accustomed to the piercing. If it has been more than a few months, it may be the build up of scar tissue that happens sometimes. It is referred to as a keloid scar.

Does Jordan from The Ready Set have a lip piercing?

No. He used to have it pierced but now he only has a scar from where it was.

Does lip piercing scar?

Well its not necessarily that they scar, but its almost as if the hole where the piercing was never goes away. Yes the hole closes, but you can still see where the piercing was.

Where is Amy Lee's scar?

She has a scar from her eyebrow piercing on her left eyebrow.

When you get a corset piercing keep it in for a couple of days and then take them out does it scar?

Yes it does scar.

What can you take to get rid of scar tissue around your nipples from a old piercing you removed?

Nothing, only time will minimize the appearance of scars, be them surgical or piercing related.

Can you cover a lip piercing?

No, but you can buy a retainer which will make it less noticeable.

How long will it take a eye brow piercing scar to fade?

It can be months or years it depends on how old the piercing is and how big the jewellery was, then it depends on your skin type and a few other things, just leave it an carry on with life.

Will you get a hole in your eyebrow or scarring if you get an eyebrow piercing?

sometimes it will scar and sometimes i wont. after you take it out it will have a little scar for awhile but most of the time it will go away but sometime it does not. but if it does scar it will be small =)

You had your belly button ring for three months and it fell out so you let it close Will it scar badly if it was possibly infected?

So long as you didn't have any serious issues healing the piercing the piercing site will look like an over sized pore over the next few days, no great gaping hole.

If you have a piercing and it closes up can you pierce that same place again?

Some piercers do and some don't. Some will require that you get a piercing in a larger gauge to get rid of the scar tissue. Just remember that piercing scar tissue is more painful than the initial piercing.