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Will a rubber band stretch the same distance every time that the same amount of weight is attached?


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i dont think so, because it will change slightly. Every time you stretch the rubber band, depending what kind of mass, it might deform but might not be permanent deformation and the rubber band comes back into its original state, but there is a possibility that it might not else well come back to original form.

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Yes because you could stretch the rubber band long and it will go far but if you stretch short it will not go as far. the materials you need is rubber bands a tape measure or meter stick paper pencil

The force that is applied when you stretch a rubber band between your thumb and forefinger is pushing force. Pulling force is achieved when you stretch the rubber band with one hand by pulling it away from a surface where it is attached.

it does because, if the rubber band is only a little bit hick it will stretch farther. if the rubber band is really thick it wont go as far because the band is thicker and harder to stretch.

By stretching the band you are putting more stored energy into it, so when you release the tension there is more energy released, so the answer is yes.

Rubber bands stretch because of the latex in them and because they are elasticey.

The rubber band doesn't produce energy.It stores the energy that you put into it when you stretch it.The harder a rubber band it is to stretch some distance, the more energy it's storing,and the more energy it'll deliver when you release it.

stretch the rubber and leave it stretched for some time be carefull not to stretch it too much or it will snap

Rubber bands stretch because of the latex in them and because they are elasticey.

If the rubber band stretch increases, then the potential energy will increase. Or: If the rubber band stretch decreases, then the potential energy will decrease.

rubber, the rubber helps it stretch but a different type of rubber than tires :)

a rubber band is still rubber because if u stretch it it wont change

The force could be in Newtons or poundsforce. It will be proportional to the amount of stretch, up to the limit of elasticity.

Yes. When you stretch a rubber band you are "giving" it mechanical energy, like a rechargeable battery is given electricity. The more you stretch the rubber band the more mechanical energy you are storing in it.

Elastic substances usually extend or compress so that the amount of stretch or compression is proportional to the force, and clearly the speed of the rubber when released will depend on the force accelerating it. However there is a limit, called the elastic limit, to the extension and beyond that it will break

A rubber band will , approximately, stretch an amount "x" in direct proportion to the force "F" applied to it. So you can write this as an equation, F = KX . To find the proportionality constant "K" , hang a known weight "W" from the rubber band and measure the stretch "L". then divide W/L = K . This is called "calibrating" the rubber band.

If you stretch a rubber band you have created tension, and therefore strain energy. If you stretch a rubber band you have created tension, and therefore strain energy. Latent energy. Potential energy

Yes, the thinner the rubber band is the farther it will stretch, but if its too thin then it might just break.

Force is applied to the rubber band to stretch it. The strain energy is retained by the rubber band in the form of elastic deformation. It is recovered when the band is allowed to contract.

Stretch a rubber band at different lengths

It loses it ability to stretch

Stretch ;) google it :)

Luffy or Monkey D. Luffy was able to stretch because of the devil fruit (Akuma no Mi) he ate which was the Rubber Rubber Fruit (Gomu Gomu no Mi )

No, rubber cement will stretch, super glue won't.

Pulling forces and rubber bands- Slowly stretch a rubber band and think about what you are doing. Most people use two hands placed at opposite ends of the rubber band and pull with each hand away from each other. This means there are two pulling forces acting on the rubber band in opposite directions. Now try to stretch the rubber band by using one hand and by grabbing the rubber band at only one place. We know it's possible to stretch the rubber band with one hand using your thumb and finger at two different places but can you figure out a way to stretch the rubber band by applying the force at only one place? If you hooked the rubber band over something to stretch it, is there only one force acting at only one place

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