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yes because a smaller ball doesnt have that much wait to carry than a bigger ball

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Q: Will a smaller ball roll faster than a bigger ball?
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Do bigger cars roll faster then smaller cars?

No they dont.

Do bigger wheel roll faster?

No. Bigger wheels roll slower than smaller wheels. They roll slower because they have a larger circumference and they take longer to roll. Smaller wheels have a smaller circumference meaning they go faster.

Do bigger wheels roll faster then smaller wheels?

NO. The smaller the wheel the more revolutions it turns if both are driven at the same speed. So, the smaller the wheel the faster it turns.

Does a small or a large ball travel faster in wind?

Well it all depends on what types really, if they are both of the same, then the big one will roll faster. Lets say for example, you had a big kick ball and a little kick ball, the big will roll faster in the wind. Sorry about the second post, but i almost forgot, it also depends on how big the ball is, because if it's MUCH larger then it will not roll faster, and if it too small, it will hardly roll as well. So as long they are close in size the big one will roll/travel faster

Dose the size of a ball affect the distance it will roll?

The bigger the ball is the farther it will go.

Does a golf ball go faster as you increase the slope of a ramp?

In other words, does a golf ball roll faster up a hill? No obviously not. It would roll faster down a slope, it's called gravity.

What is the controlled variable for does a ball roll farther on grass than on dirt?

Varibles and controls for does a ball roll faster on grass or dirt

Why does a ball roll faster in grass or dirt?

a ball rolls faster in grass because grass is sorter and dirt is harder and dirty

How fast do balls roll?

the speed of a ball all deends on how fast you roll it, what its mass is, and the incline.The faster you roll it, the steeper the incline is, and the greater the mass will all make it faster

A small ball is is put on top of a bigger ball and left to roll down the surface of the bigger ball. Where would the small ball leave the surface of the bigger ball?

it will leave the surface of the other ball roughly 1/4 of the way down to the other end.

Which does a ball roll farther in grass or dirt?

Neither. The ball rolls faster on cement, not grass, or dirt.

Which statement is an obervation if the ramp is steeper then the ball will roll faster or friction slowed the ball down or gravity caused the ball's motion?

"If the ramp is steeper than the ball will roll faster" can be observed during experiments. "Friction slowed the ball down" and "Gravity caused the ball's motion" are both conjectures (guesses).