Will a squash ball bounce in concrete?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Will a squash ball bounce in concrete?
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Does a golf ball bounce higher off of concrete or a trampoline?


How well does a ping pong ball bounce on concrete?

It will bounce, but in a very awkward and unpredictable direction because of the stubble on the concrete

In a game of squash how many time can a ball bounce on the gound?

10 times

Why does a squash ball bounce more when it's hot?

because of heat transfer

What surface will a ball bounce higher on?

on concrete because it is hard and smooth

How high will a basketball bounce on concrete grass and carpet?

A basketball will bounce more on concrete because it is a flatter surface then carpet and grass

Do tennis ball bounce well on cardboard?

It depends where you lay the cardboard. If you lay it on carpet it won't bounce well. If you lay it on concrete it will bounce good.

How high can a ball bounce on cement than carpet?

Although it's difficult to be precise, it's safe to say that a ball is likely to bounce back higher from concrete than from carpet.

Is the bounce of a ball affected by the surface it bounces on?

Its GREATLY affected by the surface it bounces on!If you bounce it on a soft or cushioned surface like a shag carpet, the carpet will absorb a lot of the impact, and the ball will not bounce as high.On the other hand, if you bounce it on concrete, the ball's fall is not cushioned nearly as much, and as a result, bounces much higher.

How temperature effects squash balls?

The warmer squash balls get, the bouncier they are. you can't play using a cold ball because it won't bounce off the walls and floor very high or well.

What is stronger a golf ball or a brick?

Probably a golf ball, it is a lot denser. If you dropped a golf ball on a concrete floor it would bounce, if you drop a brick it will break.

What type of ball will bounce highest?

A bounce ball will bounce the highest!!!!!!!!!