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Not very much.

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Q: Will a tub of cold water cool down a hot room?
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How did Romans cool the frigidarium?

The frigidarium was a room for a cold-plunge bath. It had a pool with cold water.

Is cold water bad for dogs?

no, dogs are not hurt by cold water, however, they would prefer cool or room temperature water if they had their choice. So basically they prefer what they like most, cold water and cool water for your dog is no different, they are both good :)

What is tepid sponging definition?

The definition of a tepid sponge bath is just washing up with a wash cloth and a certain temperature of water. It means not getting into the tub or shower at all. Tepid means to use water that is not hot and not cold, mix hot and cold water together with more cold than hot to achieve a tepid temperature.

How does a water cooling dispenser create instantly cold water from room temp water?

It's not instant. There is a tank inside the cooler, and there is a refrigeration system cooling the water down. If you run the water long enough it will warm up because you've used up the cool water.

Does hot water get colder faster than cold water?

Yes ,the higher the temperature gradient between the hot water and room temperature, the faster it cools. However, that does not mean that hot water will freeze faster than cold water (a common urban legend). If you have water at 50°C in a room at 20°C, it will cool from 50° to 40° faster than it will cool from 40° to 30°.

What cold food did ancient Romans eat?

The ordinary Romans did not have cold foods. The average Roman's food was either hot or "room temperature". In very warm weather they would cool down with fresh fruit such as grapes. The wealthy, on the other hand, could afford to have chilled fruits and wines. This was accomplished by means of snow rushed down from the mountains and kept in a lined, underground room used as an ice house. The cold water from the melting snow served to cool their wine (the ancients always watered their wine) and to cool fresh fruits before eating.

What did Romans call the cold water room in their bath houses?

The cold water room was called the "fridgedarium".

Should you give a cat cold water or warm water?

It may be best to give kittens water that is room temperature. Kittens may have trouble drinking very cold water as it would be a shock to their systems.

Is cold water denser than room tempurture water?

yeah cold water is denser than room temperature (warm) water.

Why does the cold water tap start cool then turn to hot then back to and stays cold?

Because, somewhere between where the cold water enters the house and the tap, the water resting in the pipe passes through a warm room. So you have to flush all that warm water out of the line before the cold water from outside gets to the tap.

Why does cold water revert to room temperature?

cold water absorbs heat from the surroundings and revert to room temperature

How cold can a guinea pigs water be?

It best if guinea pigs drink room temperature water not cold because tey will keep wanting more