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Maybe,Because My mum has a wisdom tooth too and she had it itself grow out But idk!I need to ask my mum,I have a wisdom tooth too and im only 10!:(


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Possibly, but a loose wisdom tooth is a sign of other problems that need attention from a dentist.

Quite often, a piece of gum tissue overlies the wisdom tooth which is partially through. Keep the area as clean as possible, otherwise attend your dental checkups as recommended so your dentist can keep it under observation. If the loose gum is causing you pain or severe irritation, then the wisdom tooth may need to come out, but it sounds unlikely from what you describe. There is no need to have wisdom teeth removed, unless they are causing problems such as pain, swelling, infection, decay in the tooth in front etc. Very often, the risks of wisdom tooth removal outweigh the benefits. Sometimes a wisdom tooth does not erupt completely, and creates an extension of gum called operculum. While eating and chewing on food, this operculum can be irritated and infected causing a pericoronitis. This condition has signs of intense pain, redness, a bad smell and a difficulty of opening the mouth. If the operculum does not go away, it is advised to extract the wisdom tooth to prevent complications of the pericoronitis. Under certain conditions, if the wisdom tooth has erupted, but an operculum is still present, it is possible to make an operculectomy, which is the removal of the extension of the gum itself without extracting the tooth.

no you will have to go to a dentist because it will really pain you if you pull it out and it cant come out by itself its so unlikely i had to go to the dentist for mine too

Yes a wisdom tooth that is coming out suppose to have skin on top of it. Before the wisdom tooth began to grow there was nothing but skin there. So in order for it to fully come in it breaks through the skin like any other tooth.

Normally, there is not enough room in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to come in. If you've lost some back teeth for one reason or another, the wisdon tooth can come in with no problem.

Unfoutunutly no that dose not count other wise it would be kind a like a cip a tooth

Submerged dentition. If a tooth is stuck and wants to come out but cannot, we call it an impacted tooth. Usually it is a third molar tooth that causes this condition. also known as impacted wisdom tooth.

Yes, it is very possible to have a tooth grow under a loose tooth. I have experienced this before. If the tooth hasn't come out when the tooth under it is almost done growing, you should see a dentist. I visited a dentist and got my tooth pulled out.

Wisdom teeth should be extracted when they push and damage the 7th tooth while they grow, also when they develop a cyst or cause an infection, and wisdom teeth are removed if they're causing problems with prosthesis. Here's an interesting video about wisdom tooth extraction.

It usually happens when a tooth is loose and about to come out and disconnect from the nerves. Which means the nerves no longer have a tooth To hold down.

they could but 99% of the time you get them when you are 18 and a little bit younger

no you can loose your tooth anytime any way the tooth fairy is just your mom and dad

You can not grow a new tooth. All your teeth are present at birth. Your first teeth come in while you are a baby but your second teeth are all ready there as small 'buds" ready to form and come in as you loose the first teeth. As you know, your last teeth do not come in until you are 17-20. Because they come in last and you are older, they are called wisdom teeth.

Hello I belive they do because my daughter has a loose cainine tooth.

In most cases, it's loose and almost ready to come out.

Yes, quite easily especially whilst eating.

You only loose each tooth once before you get the teeth you will have to take care of for the rest of your life. In the ages between 16 and 25, wisdom teeths usually 'comes out' in the absolute back of your jawline.

Put your nail under the tooth and pull it up and it will get looser and keep doing it and it will come out

no, unless she just wants to chill with a fat joint and some cheese-its.

you cant really make a tooth loose.teeth come out when their ready.if you take a tooth out that's not ready youll be toothless until another tooth grows back.hope this helps .opoeration

on Halloween i was eating a milky way and it pulled out my loose tooth and it wasn't even that loose so it would definitely pull out a really loose tooth (and it didn't even hurt!!) that ^^^was someone elses answer. my answer was I was eating a hotdog, and I bit down on my loose tooth, as i always do. It didnt hurt at ALL! I felt it come out and i spit out my hotdog on my desk. I ran to the bathroom and clean my gums. after it stopped bleeding, I ran back and found my tooth, thinking about how easy it was!=) good luck

I am 75 1/2 and had a wisdom tooth that was trying to come through and had to have it extracted. My dentist said he had a man last year who was in his eighties.

Try eating a hard fruit like an apple. Take a big bite and if your tooth is really loose, your tooth should come out. Plums and other hard fruit are good does not work like that (bulliegirl)

Have your six year old come to you with a very loose tooth.

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