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No, pool algae will not effect the lawn.

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Q: Will algae from a pool effect the lawn?
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How to get rid of the green caused by the lawn fertilizer in the swimming pool?

You will have to get an Algaecide. lawn fertilizer also fertilizes the algae spores that land in your pool. Try building up the chlorine for a few days first, if you are lucky that may fix it.

Why does your pool smell of algae?

cause of the algae in your pool! c.s.

Can a pool get orange algae?

Yes, a pool can get orange algae.

Does yellow algae consume free chlorine?

Yes any sort of life in the pool will effect free chlorine.

What do you do if your pool has green algae and black algae spots?

If it is genuine 'black algae' it is very difficult to remove without emptying the pool and gouging the black algae out of the pool surface. Other algae can be removed by shocking the pool, filtering continuously and brushing walls while maintaining a good sanitizer level.

Can you swim in a pool with algae in it?


How do you treat black algae in pool?

To treat black algae you will need to add an algaecide to your pool water. These are specifically designed to kill and prevent algae.

In winter the pool is covered except when the pool people come to service the pool what causes the pool to get algae?

well when you leave your pool covered for the winter, you are unable to put chlorine into it. Chlorine prevents algae so to answer your question, the lack of chlorine causes algae

How do you make a green pool blue?

When a pool turns green, the cause is the build up of algae. To remove the algae, chemicals will need to be bought to restore the PH levels in the pool, killing the algae.

How to rid Yellow algae powder in pool?

brush pool

How can one clean algae from a swimming pool?

Algae can be skimmed from the top of the water using a pool skimmer. It can be removed from the sides of the pool using a brush. To prevent algae from growing in the future, a chemical "shock" will be necessary.

Salt water pool green?

Algae buildup will cause a salt water pool to turn green. A clogged filter will allow the algae to buildup in the pool.

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