Will an astronaut be left behind when he steps out of his spaceship?

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2010-09-11 11:40:27


The reason why is, the astronaut and the spaceship are traveling

at the same speed.

The astronaut would have to careful though! Because, if the

astronaut pushed away slightly from the spaceship as the astronaut

stepped out, the astronaut would drift away from the spaceship and

would continue to drift across space forever, provided the

astronaut didn't bump into anything out there or get sucked in by

the gravity field of a planet or a star.

That's why when they do an EAV (Extravehicular Activity) they

have to either be tethered to the spacecraft or have a MMU (Manned

Maneuvering Unit). The MMU is kinda like a jet pack of sorts, it

lets the astronaut fly around the spaceship with compressed jets of


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