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Yes, smaller universities will, but you wont get into any Ivy league or Major State Universities. Either take it again, or just go to a smaller school and transfer with a good GPA to the school you want to go to

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Q: Will any colleges accept a 920 as an SAT score?
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What colleges will accept 980 sat score?

The Heist University

Which colleges accept SAT scores of 2030 in UK US or Canada?

There are many colleges and universities who will accept students with a combined SAT score of 2030. You should check with the colleges to which you wish to apply to find out their specific requirements.

What is the minimum SAT score for Worcester State?

920 is the min. score

Could I get into College of Charleston with a 3.75 GPA and a 1070 SAT?

Most colleges would accept with a 3.75 GPA, but the SAT has top score of 1400. Your score is fair, but you could improve it.

Can you select your best math score from one test with the best critical reading score from another test?

Yes. Your best scores on SAT sections can be combined to form your "superscore." Colleges will accept your "superscore" on the SAT. Colleges will not hold it against you if you take the SAT more than once.

What colleges accept a 830 score?

On the 1600 scale, a 1330 is fairly good, and many schools will accept that. However, most colleges have switched to the 2400 scale, in which a 1330 is below average. There is usually no "required" SAT score for colleges, but prestigious schools such as Caltech or MIT might instantly reject your application if your SAT score is below 1500, for example (avg score for these schools ~ 2200. Admission is more holistic, i.e. it is possible for a 1600-SAT scorer with an incredible application to get admitted).

What is a good SAT score for most colleges?

Most will accept a 1 or a 2, but try for a 3 1/2 to be safe.

What college will accept a 1080 sat score?

1080 on sat what college will accept me

Which colleges will accept a sat score of 980?

you could get into a decent school nothing like Yale or Hartford proboley an university school

Are there any colleges in India which accept SAT score?

A few universities like SRM , Amity , NIIT etc. consider your SAT scores. But by no means do they accept SAT scores as an admission criterion. But SAT scores are a very vital part of foreign university applications.

What is the SAT score to be accepted to Cedarville University?

For most colleges and universities 1400 SAT score is considered a good score for admissions.

Does Harvard University accept ACT or SAT?

Most colleges will accept both, but you will find that, typically, colleges on either US coast will prefer the SAT and colleges are more inland will prefer the ACT.