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Yes, they come out in the rain. when the water rises they sit along the bank.

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Q: Will bullfrogs come out during rain?
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Why do nightclawlers come out in the rain?

Because the soil draws in all the rain water. If the nightcrawlers do not come out during the rain they will drown.

How are American bullfrogs born?

They come out of a little squishy egg.

Are bullfrogs dangerous?

bullfrogs are not poisonous but some bullfrogs out the outline of america are

Can bullfrog change color?

Bullfrogs spend most of their life in the water. This is where they hibernate, breed, and hunt. During the winter months they are in hibernation. Bullfrogs can change color to fit their environment.

Do worms like rain?

Worms do not like rain they come to the surface of the ground during rainstorms to avoid drowning in the moist soil.

Why does rain sometimes come during dry seasons?

No climate system is entirely predictable.

Are bullfrogs amphibians?

Yes, bullfrogs are amphibians.

Do bullfrogs have a brain?

Yes bullfrogs do have brains

When was Rain Rain Come Again created?

Rain Rain Come Again was created in 2004.

What is the bullfrogs niche?

the bullfrogs place in the food chain.

Are bullfrogs extinct?

No, Bullfrogs are quite abundant; and in no danger of extinction.

What phylum does bullfrogs belong to?

Bullfrogs belong to the phylum Chordata.