Will constant light kill microoganisms?

The best chance would be with ultraviolet (UV) light. One of the best ways to keep something like bed lines clean is to put them out in the sunlight to kill off all the 'bed bugs.'

UV light is especially harmful to DNA, it's wavelength range hits right on the distance between adjacent nucleotides in DNA, creating whats known as a thymine-dimer. It disrupts the bacterias ability to code for proteins, and if a necessary protein is halted, the bacterium dies. UV light can also disrupt proteins, leading to the demise of the bacteria. Simple exposure to visible, or white light, will not generally harm microorganisms.

You might tell your parents, though they may not believe you, that it is actually better not to make your bed, because doing that traps the microorganisms in a dark and moist environment that they love. So undo your bed and let fresh air, and maybe some sunlight 'clean' it for you. Please don't complain to me if you get grounded for following my suggestion. Just let your parents read this posting.