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Will eating raw rice when you are pregnant affect the baby?


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You need to talk to your doctor about this because any odd craving might mean that your body needs some sort of vitamin or something else.


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Only if you are not also eating a balanced diet.

You should not be eating raw rice at all.

There is no affect, it is perfectly normal to eating cooked rice.

One of the main affects of eating rice is as part of a diet is remaining alive

Rice (raw or cooked) does not affect fertility.

around the size of a grain of rice.

rice rice baby is just the parody to ice ice baby

what are the effects of the eating of raw rice

Can you get sick eating old brown rice

Babies eat lots of strange things. they have excellent immune systems. If it was only a few grains, she will be fine. If it was a lot or you have any concerns, or she goes off her food, go to a doctor.

Yes, (but you didn't ask if it is a good idea, or if it will hurt you or the baby).

Yes, and you can drink it before or while eating rice, if you wish, as well.

brown rice is the healthiest

No rice is completely harmless!

The health benefit of eating rice is that it provides, carbohydrates and starch which are very important nutrients in our bodies.

There aren't major effects of eating partially cooked rice. However, the rice is harder to digest and could back you up.

I am an Indian and rice is my main food. My meal is not complete without rice and I have been eating rice since I was born. I lost 33 lbs this summer by hard exercise and eating rice (since it's my main food). I still eat rice and I did not gain a single pound. So, it's upto you to decide. It is better than eating those junk Burgers or Pizza's.

The vitamin and mineral that is obtained from eating golden rice is vitamin C. This is the biggest benefit from eating this rice. It also contains potassium.

present simple - I eat rice everyday. past simple - I ate rice yesterday. present continuous - I am eating rice now. past continuous - I was eating rice. present perfect - I have eaten rice. passive - The rice has been eaten. and there are others

If you eat stem rice then its ok.

Rice is better for a baby if u give him/her noodles they will choke if u give them rice it is easier for them to eat and swallow.

Rice is rich in carbohydrates. That means that yes you can gain weight by eating rice. Beans with the rice makes a very complete nutrisious meal.

At 5 weeks pregnant, the baby is only a cluster of cells, and it is very common for women to not see anything at 5 weeks because the baby is only about the size of a grain of rice. If you did see anything, it would be very small.

your stomach can not burst open from eating too much rice but rice expands in your stomach so that when you fel full your stomach has all the rice it can handle........hope this answers your question ^_^

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