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It is foretold in The Bible that it will happen, and it will harm the world. Everyone will be under one leader,which will be very antiChrist, and have to answer to him. So for all the individualists that discount Jesus as Savior because you want to be an individual, you will certainly not be when globalization is in other words it'll harm us

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โˆ™ 2008-03-13 17:55:34
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Q: Will globalization harm or help the US?
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Both. It can help us when it turns the hubs on a wind farm, and then generate electricity. It can harm us when it comes in a form of a hurricane or natural disasters. Hope you understand

What is a problem that globalization poses for the US government?

Increased security concerns is a problem that globalization poses for the US government.

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How has globalization affected the US?


How has the globalization of culture and science affected the US?

how has the globalization of culture and science affected the united states

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The forces of globalization are the CAUSE OF SLAVERY. Wake up doofus!

Importance of globalisation?

Studying globalization help us to copy and understand all changes occurred all over the world, by understanding it, it reduce claims posed on globalization because if something gone wrong we blame this is because of globalization. Therefore by understanding that those may stop doing so.

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Some people will say it does, and some will say it won't. But really, globalization is different for everyone.

How do people in the US benefit from globalization?

Economic growth is one way that people in the United States benefit from globalization.

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by banging your mom

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What has been the main benefit of globalization for the US?

While globalization has contributed to the reduction of overhead expenses for businesses, slightly improving growth, the drawback is that it causes increased unemployment in the US.