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In my school you got A-E's in it but in 7th grade, at my school, you could do sports and if you didn't do well in gym (below C average) you could not do school sports. I believe you can fail the grade and not get your report card if you fail gym. It depends on your school.

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Q: Will gym be a big grade in middle school?
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What do you in 7th grade middle school gym class?

We did archery, football, softball, dodgeball, hockey and other regular sports and games. It does depend on your school though.

Can you wear skate shoes to gym class Not a gym but gym class in middle school?


How big is a middle school gym?

The size of a middle school basketball is 29.5 inches.

Do you get cloths for gym in sixth grade?

I think it depends on the school. IN my school we bring our own.

Why doesn't the school district have gym everyday in middle school?

Because Every class must fit into the gym schedule

Middle school is awesome kind of?

Middle School is easier if you are starting with your friends from 5th grade. It's a lot different, and 4 sure better, because u r moving around more. Starting the day w home room then walking to math, social studies, science, and gym and then lunch. When 6th grade started that was the coolest part. I can't wait for 8th grade !

How big is Tomales high school gym?


How do you deal with gym class in middle school?

pretend to got hert so you don't need to do gym

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It is about 6 times around estimating that a high school gym is bigger than a middle school gym. So for a middle school gym it would be about 4 times to go around to make a quarter of a mile so estimating it you should at least go around a high school gym 3 times to make to make quarter of a mile

Did Michael Jordan play basketball in grade school?

yes he did in gym class but besides that its a mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you allowed to wear a bikini to middle school gym class?

It depends upon the school's policies, but it seems unlikely that any middle school would permit a bikini.

How many people get injured in gym?

4 out of 100 people get injured in gym class at a middle school high schoo or college or private school or charter school or continuation school or night scholl or all of the above