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No, the Insurance Company has no right to cancel policy even if you sue them, unless you have failed in timely renewal or did any contractual violation like concealment of facts, that can jeopardize the basic objective of an insurance policy.

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Q: Will in insurance company cancel policy if you sue them?
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Can you sue if a company did not let you advance as stated in their policy?

If the provision of advance payment is there in the policy bond, you are at liberty to sue the Insurance Company for breach of contract.

Can you sue insurance company for more then there policy?

once the insurance has paid out the policy limits that's it. they do have to defend their client if you choose to sue their client for further damages which you can do.

Can you sue the at fault driver and the insurance company?

You do not sue the insurance company. Any suit is filed against the at fault party only. The insurance company will defend their client and pay damages according to the terms of the policy.

My sister may have collected on a life insurance policy that listed us both as beneficiaries what can i do?

Sue her and the life insurance company that paid her.

Can you sue at fault driver in California who has insurance if his insurance company refuses to pay your claim for medical expenses or do you have to sue his insurance company?

yes. you can sue an at fault driver if his insurance company refuses to pay your claim. it would not be proper to sue the insurance company.

What is the statutory time limit to sue a homeowners insurance company?

the standard policy says two years

Can you sue your insurance company if you get hurt by your car?

No you'd have to file your loss notice with the company that insures your car or your medical insurance policy. Homeowners Insurance policies provide no coverage for the automobiles.

Can I sue my neighbor for fraud against my insurance company?

No, since the insurance company would have been damaged by the act, not you. You have no standing to sue. On the other hand, your insurance company can sue- and can pursue criminal charges.

If you are on your mother's insurance policy and you are unaware she has let it lapse although you have paid her for it will the company still pay for your damage?

No insurance = no insurance. Doesn't matter much why. About your only option is to sue your Mom.

How do you find your neighbor's insurance company?

All you can do is ask your neighbor. There is no central registry for peoples home insurance policy Alternatively you can sue your neighbor and you will meet the insurance companies attorneys in court.

Can you sue a insurance co and defendant for an accident?

You can't sue the Insurance co, but you can sue their insured, the defendant. Since the insured has a valid policy, the Insurance co is obligated to represent him.

In a car accident can you sue for more then what there insurance is he had 100.000 coverage but that only covers my medicalcan i get more?

You can sue for whatever the damages are regardless of the amounts of coverage, however, The insurance company is only responsible for the limits of the policy they issued. So you can sue the at fault party for 200,000 if you like. But the insurance company only has to pay you it's share of what the limits of the policy stated at 100,000. You will need to go after the driver and their family for any additional funds. You can also look to your own underinsured motorist coverage if you purchased the coverage with your policy for further compensation.