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It depends on how much he swallows. A couple pieces a day probably won't hurt him. As long as he doesn't lose his appetite for proper food.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 21:23:37
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Q: Will it harm a child if he continuously swallows his gum?
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What consequences would anybody face if he swallows chewing gum?

you die

Can expired gum harm you?


Is swallowing gum bad?

It is not bad to swallow a small amount of chewing gum. If a person swallows a large amount of gum, it may cause a blockage in the stomach.

Which is worse for dogs chocolate or gum?

Chocolate is worse because of the chemical in it. If a dog swallows gum it's not so bad. The only thing in it is sugar.

How could chewing gum harm your teeth?

the sugar in the gum can wear your teeth down :(

Why can't you chew gum with questions?

We can chew gum because it is plastic. Plastic is very bad for your body and it can harm you. Gum can tasted good but it is bad for you.

Does gum hurt dogs?

If a dog ingests a little gum it will be fine, just like if you swallow the piece of gum you are chewing. Nothing bad will happen. However, if he swallows say a whole pack I would call your vet and check with them.

What happens when you give an animal chewing gum?

He either swallows it or throws it away. Dogs chew throw chewing gum a lot because they are trying to dissolve it and they can't, only reason.

Can gum expire?

Gum can expire. However, it has a very long shelf life. Eating expired gum will not cause any harm, it will just not taste fresh.

Can gum harm toddlers if swallowed?

Yes, gum can cause choking in toddlers. In large quantities it can 'gum up' the digestive tract. Small amounts will pass in stool.

What does the Koala harm?

The only thing the koala harms are the gum leaves it eats.

Is it dangerous for a dog to swallow gum?

One stick of gum will not harm a dog. A whole pack might have some adverse effects. If your dog ingests a lot of gum, call your vet.

Gum in school?

In most places no gum in school, becase a child can choke on the gum, the gum ends up everywhere anyway and a girl would not like it in her hair.

Can you chew strides gum wrapper?

Yes, you can there is nothing toxic about it but if you chew it with your gum it cold make your gum a little harder :) You may eat the wrapper, but it is best if you stick the whole thing (Gum in wrapper) in your mouth. It is proven to give your gum more flavor, and it can not harm you, it almost dissolves.

How can bubble harm you?

bubble gum can hurt you by swalloing it... it will be in ur digestive system for 7 years

What has the author Helen Gum Westlake written?

Helen Gum Westlake has written: 'Child development and parenting' -- subject(s): Child development, Parenting 'Children; a study in individual behavior' -- subject(s): Child psychology

Does gum digest?

Gum will go through your digestive just fine but most gums do not have much in the way of nutritional value (especially sugar free gum) so your body promptly passes it through as waste. There is no harm in swallowing gum, provided you dont choke on it.

Is sugarless gum really better for your teeth than regular gum?

Well yes. Sugared gum contains sugar, which stays on your teeth after you've finished chewing it. And if you don't brush your teeth for a while after eating the sugary gum, it can start to do harm to your teeth, such as starting cavities.

What are the best activities for children with ADHD?

Chewing gum can calm a child with ADHD. Because they bring their attention to chewing the gum.

Why are there latexes in gum?

Because of the elasticity of it makers do not realize the harm it can cause people with allergic reactions to latex.

What are the benefits to chewing gum at school?

Ur child teeth will help with chewing gum at school they should have 5 - 8 a day it helps for education I did it and my child got 2c at first then 5a

Is child labor OK if you pay them in gum?

Try Spree candy.

How do you bloat yourself?

Drink any kind of soda. Preferably, diet. Chewing gum is another option. But gum is bad for you if you are trying to lose weeight because it creates urges and a bad jaw. Drinking is the best way, continuously.

What happens when you put a tampon in your mouth to stop your gum bleeding?

There is no harm in putting a tampon in your mouth to stop your gum from bleeding. If you're bleeding that much, an early appointment with your dentist would be wise.

Should you swallow bubble gum?

It wont hurt you if you do, but if you did swallow the gum it would sit inside of you for about 5 years or so. You wont want to do it all the time. Should you? Probably not, but there is no real harm