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It depends on how much he swallows. A couple pieces a day probably won't hurt him. As long as he doesn't lose his appetite for proper food.

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2006-03-20 21:23:37
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Q: Will it harm a child if he continuously swallows his gum?
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What consequences would anybody face if he swallows chewing gum?

you die

What happens if a 5 year old swallows a gum ball?

he/she will choke

Can expired gum harm you?


Is swallowing gum bad?

It is not bad to swallow a small amount of chewing gum. If a person swallows a large amount of gum, it may cause a blockage in the stomach.

Which is worse for dogs chocolate or gum?

Chocolate is worse because of the chemical in it. If a dog swallows gum it's not so bad. The only thing in it is sugar.

How could chewing gum harm your teeth?

the sugar in the gum can wear your teeth down :(

Why can't you chew gum with questions?

We can chew gum because it is plastic. Plastic is very bad for your body and it can harm you. Gum can tasted good but it is bad for you.

Does gum hurt dogs?

If a dog ingests a little gum it will be fine, just like if you swallow the piece of gum you are chewing. Nothing bad will happen. However, if he swallows say a whole pack I would call your vet and check with them.

What happens when you give an animal chewing gum?

He either swallows it or throws it away. Dogs chew throw chewing gum a lot because they are trying to dissolve it and they can't, only reason.

Can gum expire?

Gum can expire. However, it has a very long shelf life. Eating expired gum will not cause any harm, it will just not taste fresh.

Can gum harm toddlers if swallowed?

Yes, gum can cause choking in toddlers. In large quantities it can 'gum up' the digestive tract. Small amounts will pass in stool.

What does the Koala harm?

The only thing the koala harms are the gum leaves it eats.

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