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Some degree of pain will definitely be present.

The actual amount of pain depends on how gently the hymen was broken, personal pain threshold of the hymen owner, etc.

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Q: Will it hurt when the hymen breaks?
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Does it hurt for all girls or women when their hymen breaks?

No not necessarily

Does hymen hurt?


How hymen breaks?

Anything rigid can break the hymen when inserted. Even a finger!

Will it hurt if a 12 year old breaks her hymen?

When the Hymen breaks at any age it can be painfull, but sometimes they don't even feel it. Some people don't have a hymen and some may have already broken through sporting activities. There are lot's of rumers of it hurting and many people do say it isn't nice, but it can only happen ounce.

How do you break a Hyman?

there are many ways by which hymen breaks, during first intercourse, there are many ways by which hymen breaks, during first intercourse,

Does the blood get on guys when your hymen breaks?

yes it does..

Does it necessarily pain when the hymen breaks?

No, many girls hymen break without them even noticing.

Does it always bleeds when hymen seal breaks?

No it doesn't.

Does tearing the hymen hurt?

if your hymen if completely closed over then yeah it will hurt to be honest. if its not closed over then stay relaxed and you wont notice it

Does pushing a vagina with pillow until pleasure breaks hymen?

Noooooo....something has to be inserted into the vagina for the hymen to be ruptured.

How bad does it hurt when you break your hymen?

Your hymen does not break, it can tear as a result of vaginal penetration if it is rough or forced. The hymen has little in the way of nerve endings so there is little to no pain when the hymen is torn, however if sex is rough or forced it can hurt the vagina or vulva.

Does it hurt when your hymen is torn?

yes! it hurts alot.

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