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it repeals tghe Spiders, but wont kill them.

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Will moth balls kill plants and grass?

Moth balls will not kill anything. Moth balls will simply keep spiders and moths away from the area where they are placed.

Will moth balls kill bees?

No. Moth ball don't kill moths, they just don't like the smell so they keep away.

What is good for keeping flies and spiders away?

Although it is impossible to keep flies and spiders away, there are some products you can use to control their population. For instance, you could use a fly swatter for flies or you can use an insecticide to kill the spiders and flies, which is available in drugstores or superstores.

What to do about spiders?

Choose one of these options: A. Keep it as pets so it can kill the insects. B.Let it go or if its a posionous spider run away. C. kill it but you if you do the world will be overcome by insects

Will mothballs kill Stink bugs?

Mothballs will not actually kill any type of insect or bug. Mothballs are meant to keep certain bugs away like moths and spiders.

What do snails not like?

snails do not like bark asexually pointed bits.spiders kill snails so keep snails away from ants or spiders.

How do you kill spiders in Fancy Pants Adventure 2?

stomp on it then kick it away.

What is the difference between chemical and organic fertilizer on the growth of plants?

chemical fertilizer will kill your pests, but will kill the ones that help keep away pests like ladybugs and spiders. organic is the one you should have.

What type of spiders can kill you?

Black widow spiders can kill you

How can you keep the spiders and bugs out of your pool?

To keep bugs and spiders out of your pool, it is essential to use an algaecide to treat the water. This will kill many types of bugs that can simply be skimmed out.

How venomous are wood spiders?

poisonous enough to stay away from them not enough to kill you though

What spiders can kill you?

venom spiders

Do spiders kill spiders?


Do moth balls kill roaches?

Moth balls will not kill roaches or any other insect. A moth ball will keep moths from nesting and feeding around it though.

Will wolf spiders eat brown recluse spiders?

No. Wolf spiders run away from brown recluses as soon as they can detect one. A common jumping spider will attack and kill brown recluses.

Will vinegar keep evil away?

No. Vinegar can kill mold and bacteria, but it doesn't keep evil away.

Do cats kill spiders?

Just like any other animal or living thing capable of thought or free will, the behaviors and actions of a cat may vary. Cats can be fascinated by smaller objects they can toy with, like balls of yarn or smaller animals. While harmlessly playing with spiders, cats may intentionally or accidently injure or kill them, in which case cats do kill spiders. On an opposing hand, cats may become aggrevated or intimidated by the look, bite, or movement of a spider, or have some other desire to get rid of it ("for fun"), and may kill it intentionally, in which case cats do kill spiders. On a further opposing view, some cats don't have any desire to toy with, aggrevate, or kill spiders, in which case cats do not kill spiders.

Can huntsman spiders kill you?

No huntsman spiders can not kill you. Their bite will hurt and leave a mark in your skin but they have no venom. They won't kill you

Spiders in the bathtub?

Don't worry, it will go away soon. If it doesn't kill it if you must. But if you can, catch it and put it outside.

Should you kill barn spiders?

Spiders are useful animals. They keep the population of insects down so that the insects don't eat your crops or bite you as much. Don't kill them - just move them to a place where their webs won't be in your way.

Can air fresheners kill spiders?

If you get close enough to where the spider is, yes air fresheners kill spiders.

How can you get rid of spiders?

kill them

What can you do to help spiders?

Not kill them.

How many people can jumping spiders kill?

I really dont think that jumping spiders can kill any one

Do killer spiders exist?

Yes, spiders do exist that can kill humans.