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Will my boyfriend kiss me?

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A boyfriend that you can kiss?


How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you we talk about it but after you both agree to it nothing happens?

If you really want your boyfriend to kiss you then you shouldent wait for him to kiss you. You should kiss him!

Did Adam Lambert kiss his boyfriend at the Academy Awards?

not sure if it was his boyfriend but he did kiss a guy:P

How do you tempt your boyfriend to kiss you?

You kiss the boy

How do you make mine boyfriend kiss you?

You kiss HIM.

Would you kiss your boyfriend?

If you don't kiss then whats the point of having a boyfriend in the first place? Of course you should kiss!!

What to do when a guy asks for a kiss in public?

Kiss him. My boyfriend loves to kiss me, and we kiss anywhere. If you do not want to french kiss him in public, then just do a peck. I french kiss my boyfriend in public and I think it is nothing wrong with that.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you want him to kiss you?

kiss him first

How can you get your boyfriend to french kiss you?

wdf is a french kiss

How can say if your boyfriend not love you?

its in his kiss, that's where it is, its in his kiss.

You told your boyfriend you want to kiss him what do you do?

Um, kiss him?

When I get a boyfriend he says kiss me how should I kiss?


What to do if you are about to kiss your best friend boyfriend?

Just kiss him

Why does your boyfriend gaze at you?

Your boyfriend gazes at you,then he wants to kiss you.

You are afraid to kiss your boyfriend what do you do?

tell him that you want to kiss him duhhhh then ya kiss

Should you be able to kiss your boyfriend?

Yes you should and can kiss your boyfriend thats one of the things couples always do. Odd are he wants to kiss you to so just kiss him already

How do you get a girl with a boyfriend to kiss you?

if she really wants to kiss you, she will break up with her boyfriend. if she doesn't then she will continue her relationship and you need to find a new woman to kiss.

When you kiss your boyfriend can you get an ulcer?


What do you do with your new boyfriend?

Kiss him!!!!!

Where will you kiss your boyfriend?

on his Lips.

Where will your boyfriend kiss you?

on your lips.

How do you know when your boyfriend is ready to kiss you?

If he was ready to kiss you then he would.

When does your boyfriend kiss you?

Your boy friend will kiss you wen he loves you.

How do you make your boyfriend kiss you without asking?

Kiss him. Yeah.

What should a girl do when her boyfriend asks for a kiss?

give him a kiss