Will sai propose to Ino

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Who knows?

He thinks she's ugly, but everything can change :P So far, he has not shown any form of interest in her.

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Q: Will sai propose to Ino
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Who is ino's crush?

Ino has a crush on Sai and Sasuke.

Who does Ino like besides saskue?


Who does sai from naruto like?

Ino Yamanaka

Does Ino like anyone?

SASUKE AND SAI. BY. Answerwolfman

Are ino love sai and merry it?

yes off course

Who does sai marry?

sai Marys ino he love her because the first time they meet sai said she was the beautifulest girl he has ever meet.

Does Ino go out with Choji?

no, she dates Sai who comes in the story in the sippuden.

Who gets together with Ino?

it could possibly be ether sai or shikamaru...

Will ino ever fall in love?

She already loves Sasuke and Sai

Does sai like Ino?

In the series, Ino is infatuated with Sai but said is oblivious to it (as he is oblivous to many social encounters). ***SPOILER DO NOT CONTINUE READing IF YOU ARE DONE WITH SHIPPUDEN*** In the end, they marry and even have a child.

What episode does Shikamaru kiss Ino in Naruto shippuden?

episode 333 or 332 one of them

Will there be a sasuino?

No because Sauske found feelings for Sakura and Ino is in love with Sai