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Co-ax cable is quite capable of carrying HD signals as part of a domestic cable service. However, optical fiber is now far more cost effective than copper so it si increasingly used for trunks with copper links carrying signals the last few feet into a home. Some are now taking fiber right into the home.

Regarding video signals within the home, co-ax cable is used to carry composite video (standard definition color signals) and this will not carry HD signals. This is purely because coaxial interfaces for HD in domestic equipment. Coaxial cable is still used widely in broadcast environments to carry SD and HD signals.

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Q: Will standard coaxial cable support High Definition tv signals?
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Is RG59 Coaxial Cable compatible with RG6 Coaxial Cable?

yes RG6 should be used exclusively for satellite hookups and digital CATV. RG59 is fine for analog CATV signals but will not support the higher bandwidth used for satellite signals.

Can a s video cable replace a ypbpr cable?

S-video is a two wire interface while ypbbr is a three wire interface. Therefore, an S-video cable cannot be used for any component signals. S-video supports only standard definition, that is, PAL or NTSC color encoding. Component signals (ypbbr) support both standard definition and high definition.

What is the difference between composite cable and component cable?

Composite signals require a single cable to carry the complete signal. Normally, the cable will be terminated in an RCA jack on domestic equipment or BNC connectors for professional equipment. Composite signals support only standard definition signals. Analog component signals comprise three discrete signals, one for brightness and two for color encoding. Component cables are normally terminated into three RCA or three BNC connectors. Component signals support both standard and high definition signals. Three composite cables can usually be used for a component signal. For short runs, cable designed for standard definition will handle high definition without problems but as the length of the cable increases, so the signal quality will be degraded. If separate cables are used, it is important that they are the same length. Differing cable lengths can sometimes cause a noticeable color offset on the image. Digital component can be run on a single cable but it is generally only found in broadcast environments. Domestic digital component signals are normally carried on HMDI cable, a single cable with multiple signals contained in it.

Does the Playstation 3 support standard definition video output?

Yes the Playstation 3 console supports video output in standard as well as high definition.

What is the common coaxial connector type to support security-camera service?

F-Series Coaxial Connector

Can you connect a Blu-ray player to a projection tv?

Yes you can. Use the HDMI connector on the projector if there is one. If not, you will need to use the analog outputs of the Bluray player and this will support only standard definition signals rather than HD.

Does your 32f543 sharp tv support 480p or higher?

The television dates back to around 2005 so is a standard definition model. It won't support the HD formats of 720p, 1080i or 1080p. It will support 480i which is the standard definition format for North America. Note that 480p, as asked in the question, does not exist as a broadcast format and the television will not support it.

Does it matter how many pixels tv has to play Blu-ray?

No, it doesn't. If the television has an HDMI input, it will handle HD signals and display them at the television's native resolution. For the best quality, the television will be a 1080 line resolution. If the television is a standard definition model, then it will need to use analog connections from the player which don't support HD. Any disc will be displayed at standard definition only in this case.

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All HD televisions will support SD signals. The internal tuner will decode and display SD channels and all inputs to the television will also handle SD signals. In fact, all analog inputs to a television (composite, S-video, Component) will only support SD. In order to display HD, an HMDI input will be needed. There are a handful of exceptions with some older HD televisions providing an HD component input and a few that will support HD resolutions using and RGB input. HDMI is the only current standard for HD signals and will also support SD signals.

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Does an HDMI that connects your LCD monitor to your PC - make it high definition and is that all it does?

HDMI is the standard interface for HD video today. It is only a cable connectin and it carries whatever signal is given to it to carry. The signal can be standard definition video, high definition video or it can be DVI computer display data. What it won't do is to make a signal into high definition. It will only carry signals as they are generated. However, if it's connected from a PC to a television, the PC can interrogate the television, find out the native resolution of the television and then generate a suitable signal. That guarantees the best possible quality of image. Not all PCs will do this so you may still need to set the output resolution manually. Also, be aware that DVI is compatible with HDMI in that they handle video signals in the same way. Unlike HDMI, DVI does not support audio. Therefore, a DVI to HDMI cable will connect PCs with DVI outputs to televisions that only have HDMI ports.

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What is the features of the high definition video?

HD video is a television standard that contains approximately 5 times the amount of data as standard definition television signals. HD is formatted as either 1080 line or 720 line. Both line counts are HD. 1080 line signals can be interlaced or progressive scan. (Interlaced requires two fields, or passes of the display, to fully update the image, progressive fully updates on every field) Frame rates can be 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 50 or 59.94 frames per second depending on the region or the type of content. HD signals in the studio are always digital whereas SD signals can still be processed as analog. Domestic equipment carries HD only on HDMI connectors. New equipment does not support HD on analog interfaces to reduce unauthorized copying of material. HD is always 16 : 9 aspect ratio (wide screen). In comparison, SD can be either 4 : 3 or 16 : 9 although wide screen SD is largely confined to European markets.

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