Will starfish eat sponges

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no they will not

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Q: Will starfish eat sponges
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Related questions

Does a starfish eat seaweed?

A starfish is a predator that eats bivalves, sponges, and snails. Some eat decaying organic matter. Starfish do not eat seaweed.

Are starfish sponges?

no starfish are sea creatures not sponges

What is a similarity between starfish and sponges?

Starfish are vertebraes and sponges are not.

What do red knobbed starfish eat?

When the red-knobbed starfish is young, it will eat algae, but as it grows it will eat soft corals, sponges, tubeworms, clams, starfish and other invertebrates.

What do you feed a baby starfish?

Starfish primarily eat mollusks such as clams and oysters. Starfish will also eat small fish and snails as well as sea sponges and plankton.

Do sponges eats small fish?

no sponges do not eat small fish they move slowly across the ground like starfish and eat bacteria of rocks and coral.

What does a star fish typically eat?

Starfish typically eat bivalves (mussels, clams, and oysters) and dying fish. Some species of starfish may eat decomposing animal or plant material, sponges, or plankton.

Is a starfish a sponge?

No. Starfish are from Phylum Echinodermata, while sponges are in Phylum Porifera.

What are 2 animals that regenerate?

Starfish and sponges. starfish and sponges also share the same common disease called, listen to your teacher better

How is sponges and starfish alike?

Both are soft

What kind of food do starfish eat?

Most starfish eat clam, oysters, and mussels. There are a few species that eat sponges, plankton and coral. There are even some species that will go outside of the water to find decomposing plants and animals.

What does a Sea Star eat?

The one thing that I’m focused on, are sponges. SPONGES. Many people believe that the type of sponges we’re talking about, are the sponges we clean with... well, you’re wrong. The sponges that scientists keep trying to explain to people that live in the ocean, sea sponges. Now I’m worried for sea sponges, because starfish keep eating them. And frankly I feel very bad for their habitats. Because the ocean needs the sponges help. The ocean relies on porifera/sponges to help the ocean, to help it grow, to help it prosper, and to help animals live and eat.

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