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Will the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl in 2010?


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No. It will be the Jets, Cowboys or the Saints.


This is unknowable with the 2010 preseason yet to be played, but the Patriots have worked to improve their offense and defense and have several key players motivated to get back to the Superbowl.


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The last time the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXIX on February 6, 2005.

The new england patriots have 6 super bowl expierences, if you count super bowl XLVI that would be 7. Go pats!

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001, 2003, and 2004.

Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback on the 1996 New England Patriots Super Bowl team.

The coach that led 1985 New England Patriots to Super Bowl XX was Raymond Berry.

The New England Patriots did not qualify for Super Bowl 50. The Denver Broncos won that game.

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As of the season of 2008, the New England Patriots have won three super bowls Super Bowl XXXIX Super Bowl XXXVIII Super Bowl XXXVI

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2005, which was the 2004-05 season. The Patriots beat the Eagles for their 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years

Tom Brady is the only New England Patriots quarterback to win a super bowl.

The Patriots wore their home blue Jerseys for the Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots were the winners of the 2004 Super Bowl.

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The Chicago Bears. It was in Super Bowl XX and the Patriots lost 46-10.

The payout to the losing team in Super Bowl XLVI, the New England Patriots, was $44,000 per player.

The patriots will get revenge back on the giants and won the super bowl

The New England Patriots have never played the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders in the Super Bowl.

The Giants in Super Bowl XLII, the Packers in Super Bowl XXXI, and the Bears in Super Bowl XX.

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