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Q: Will the microwave discard do to the earth the core movie?
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What will the microwave discard do to the earth the core movie?


What is the setting of the core movie?

The setting of the film The Core (2003) is both the surface and center of the Earth.

What layer of the Earth creates electricity and magnetism?

The outer core and the inner core, I think. Try watching the movie "The Core".

Is the core a movie or documentary?

Yes, perhaps it is a movie but if you watch it closely it is a documentary on the earth and in the core of the earth. this is a really great movie i loved it but it happens to be based on real facts to the core and people who think its a movie, well keep watching it its got real footage and very educational. i hope this has helped. :)

How did the cast of the core movie solve their problem?

because of circular flow of the earth is not balance

When was The Core movie released?

The movie The Core was released in 2003. It is a science fiction film. The cast includes Hilary Swank, Stanley Tucci, Aaron Eckhart. It is about how to save the Earth from a catastrophe.

What is the summary of the movie below the earth's surface?

i havent seen it butit probably tells about the core outer core mantle mining and that stuff.

Use earth's core in a sentence?

The center of the earth that we live on is called the earth's core.

Is the core of the Earth solid?

The Earth's inner core is solid, the outer core is liquid.

What is the liquid layer of the Earth's core called?

Based on the physical properties of the earth;The core is divided into outer core and inner core.the liquid layer of the earth core is the outer core,while the inner core is solid.

What things have a core?

apples and Earth have a core

What is the center of the Earth known as?

The center of the Earth is known as the core. the core.....worship me! the core.....worship me!