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Will the rock ever wrestle again?

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Hes making too much money from crappy films so probably not. But he mightmake 1 more a pearance

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Will the rock wrestle ever again?

Yes, he will. Probably very soon :)

Will the rock wrestle again?

Yes he is facing John Cena at wrestle mania 27

Will the Undertaker ever wrestle again in the WWE?

Yes, he will.

Will Marty Wright ever wrestle again?

Probably not

Who won John Cena or the rock?

The rock won but I think they are going to fight/wrestle again

Is the rock ever going to wrestle?

He's a movie star now.

Will the undertaker ever wrestle again in a infernal match?

It's possible

Will Steve Austin ever wreslte again?

He probably won't ever wrestle again. I think an injury to his knees prevents him from wrestling.

Will stone cold ever wrestle again?

Most likely he wil in 2012

When will edge's body will be better for him to wrestling?

It won't! He won't ever wrestle again.

When will the rock wrestle again?

maybe summerslam 2012 4 da wwe title

Will and when Rey Mysterio ever wrestle again?

I heard yes because he was in a parade and he is o.k

Is rock going to wrestle again?

yeah he's back on raw host of the next wrestlemania

Is stone cold Steve Austin ever going to wrestle again?

no,i dont think so because his previous nick injures and he is noe doing movies and he is to old to wrestle again but there is a chance

Will stonecold ever wrestle again?

No because he has suffered neck and knee injuries in the past and one kick to the kneck could kill him.BUT MAYBE THE ROCK WILL RETURN FOR GOOD ONE DAY!!!!

Has john cena ever lost at wrestle mania?

yes because at wreslemania he faced the miz and miz won he faced the rock the rock won

Will Jeff hardy ever wrestle again?

Jeff Hardy might or might not be coming back no one knows

Does the rock wrestle in WWE?

The Rock did wrestle in WWE but in 2004 he retired from WWE. The Rock is set to be a future guest host on Monday Night RAW

Did Abraham Lincoln ever wrestle?

Yes, he did wrestle when he was a grown man.

Will Triple H be able to wrestle again?

Triple h may be able to wrestle again but nobody really knows.

Will Lita wrestle again?


Is the Dwayne the rock Johnson coming back to wrestle?

yes at the 1000th episode of raw on July 23,2012 the rock will talk about his future plans of winning the WWE championship again.

Do they ever actually wrestle in WWE?


Does the rock still wrestle on WWE?


Does the rock have a new contract to wrestle in the WWE?